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Become a member of the Church of Shirley's Undefinable Legion for Halloween!

Last posted Oct 22, 2021 at 02:11PM EDT. Added Sep 21, 2021 at 07:44PM EDT
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I am Kommando_Kaijin, The Grand Dalai-Imam-Archpope-General-Cheif-Minister Of The Church Of Shirley.

Join the Church of Shirley this October and oust the Shitbot menace from our proud Meme site via the awesome power of the shapeshifting Undefinables!

All you have to do is insert your current profile picture onto the generic Undefinable's monitor head (with the pfp on a layer under the image below for best results) and make the end result your new profile picture, if you happen to be feeling more creative, you can add whatever you can think of over top of the generic Undefinable body in the image editor of your choice, such as weapons and armor, there's even an Undefinable Legion logo you can emblazon your accessories with here

When addressing your fellow Undefinable Disciples of Shirley while roleplaying, merely discuss wiping out the Shitbots and their Circle Cult, how wonderful the perfection of Shirley is, engage any Shitbots you see in memetic combat and end your comments with "May Shirley bless you!"

Report for duty October 1st and we'll continue from that point.

Kommando_Kaijin wrote:

Y'know, I could have sworn this website had a cropping feature for Profile Pics at one point.

We can't rule out the fact that I'm being a dumbass.

I'll get some sleep and see what I can do tomorrow.

If you can't crop it, I'll figure out a size that works and re-upload this image here.

So, I ran into a few issues with making this PFP friendly, as no matter how much you shrink in down, it still clips off the head and feet.

But fear not!

Being a master mechanist and an ordained Tech Priest, I have come up with a solution.

Yes, it may no longer possess limbs, but it actually fits in the PFP screen now.


Last edited Oct 01, 2021 at 03:44PM EDT

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