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Last posted Jun 13, 2024 at 08:20AM EDT. Added May 27, 2024 at 02:05AM EDT
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Oh yes, very popular nowadays in the vtuber community amongst both fans and creators. I should add that the term is also used in a sort of joking self-depreciation way that allows to ease people into a more open acceptance of aging past their 20s.
I'd definitely vouch for a dedicated entry for "hags", 100%.

supremegamer76 wrote:

Can someone make a meme entry for the recent usage of the word "hags" to refer to 30+ year old women, which one using said word find attractive

'recent usage'

I'm fairly certain I've come across the usage of "hag" in both a flattering but more often demeaning tone in older imageboard cultures even before the mid-2010s. It might even carry over that sort of influence into the present time.

It's hard to really get a grasp on the scope of the term since it can not just encompass the use in the vtuber community, but might even see more usage in a certain…culture that as a whole are wholly difficult to talk about in a civil manner.

If I had to guess where vtuber culture got it, maybe they got it from Houshou Marine who's whole thing is that she's a pirate mommy who claims she's young but is clearly not that young. She was calling herself a hag like 2 years ago.

And another thing…. I believe a lot of vtuber fans themselves are older. Sure, many zoomers and alphas too. But there's definitely a lot of millenials in the culture and they probably feel not so hot about their age, so maybe like Squibblyskadew said, this is a sort of cultural coping mechanism to deal with aging. Yes, it mostly applies to females, but maybe it can also help the dudes feel better about getting older.

Or in the opposite direction: maybe younger people long for mommies because they have stability or maturity that they crave. Because younger women don't really have that, so they like mommies / hags.

Major_Failure wrote:

30 year old women are considerd hags now?

Would have figured that Hag describes someone about twice that age.

It's related to the whole "Christmas Cake" idea (the cut-off for it has risen to 30 in recent years).

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