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KYM Guide To Textile

Last posted Apr 09, 2020 at 09:44AM EDT. Added Nov 07, 2011 at 03:27PM EST
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So recently I had solve an issue with a YouTube embed code, while I failed to solve it at first, I successfully figured out the solution later on. What I learned is quite useful, as long as you are looking for looped videos.

So front page of this thread actually gives info on looped videos however that information is no longer correct. So then how to loop videos? Easy! Let's take a look at the basic code, I'm gonna use the video from my previous post.

<iframe src=";playlist=mJE7mv5Tm1c" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You see the difference is I added 2 commands. The first is the loop command itself so loop=1, the other is however necessary to make it actually loop, you need the video in a playlist, worry not! You don't have to actually create a playlist for this loop just add the Video's ID as playlist, in this case it's mJE7mv5Tm1c, it is also necessary to separate the two commands with a semicolon (;) and for god's sake do not mix it up with a greek question mark or your commands won't work. That alongside with an autoplay command can create a never ending soothing ambience or a complete nightmare, whichever you prefer. Anyway here's how a looped video looks like.

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The quoted post has been deleted.

Okay this is a Guide to Textile (and HTML) thread and not Post your Opinion thread, the song is just purely an example, if you would like to present your opinion, please go and do that in the corresponding thread, if there's no such, create one, furthermore please refrain from using this thread as medium for your opinions and use it for it's intended purpose, that is giving guides to textile (and HTML).

This thread is very useful for newcomers like me who are not completely familiar with Textile so here's your upvote.

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Just a test:

<iframe width="330" height="233" src="" allowfullscreen=true >




Blockquote doesn't seem to work for me in comments. Works on the forum but I don't see the grey bar when using blockquotes in entry comments. Is the formatting there different?

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