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[Guide] Requesting editorship and making suggestions for entries

Last posted Dec 23, 2019 at 02:17AM EST. Added Jan 05, 2012 at 11:00PM EST
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So RandomMan and I noticed a lot of editorship requests and suggestions for entries that are lacking detail or simply make no sense at all and, in an effort to curb the constant stream of useless editorship requests and suggestions, I have decided to throw this handy little guide together with his help. Please use this guide when requesting editorship for an entry or making suggestions. And send RandomMan some karma cookies while you’re at it.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to make your entry look nice and match the standard format, check the KYM Style Guide and the <a href="” target="_blank" rel="nofollow">KYM Textile Guide.


Selecting an entry

This is a very important part of requesting an editorship. You should have prior knowledge on the subject before you ask for an editorship. If you don’t have any knowledge on the subject and/or cannot contribute anything to the entry, do not request editorship. An editorship is given so you can help improve the entry and its content.

Make sure you have a valid reason for requesting editorship

For example, these are some valid reasons to request editorship:

  • You know the origin and/or provide some details about it. This can be through screencaps, links, vids, whatever.
    • ”I have screenshots from the thread in which this meme originated and can provide some background on the thread itself.”
  • You can help improve the entry overall.
    • ”I have researched the subject of this entry and have located the origin, the site(s) responsible for its spread, and mutations of this meme.”
  • Give the entry a proofreading and help in fixing the overall spelling and grammar. Perhaps even give the entry a rewrite.
    • ”I can correct the spelling and grammar, and can fix the formatting to more closely match current entry standards.”
    • ”This entry is a stub. I would like to rewrite the entry with the information I have on this subject.”
  • You have knowledge on the meme and/or its spread.
    • ”I have extensive knowledge on this meme and would like to improve this entry.”
  • You want to add one or more sub-memes.
  • Keep the entry up-to-date. 1
    • ”The editors for this entry have abandoned it. I would like to update it to reflect the current status of this meme.”

1 This may vary though. If the entry has a large list of editors and the change isn’t that big, a suggestion will do as well. One of the current editors is sure to notice and fix it if needed.

Here are some invalid reasons:

  • Add some images/videos you made/like to the entry.
  • Gain credit or prestige by having your name appear in the list of editors.
    • “I want to be a part of this.”
  • You created this meme. 1
  • The person who created the entry or is mentioned in the entry is someone you know. 2
    • ”I know X!”
  • You want to help out. 3
    • ”I’d like to help out”
  • Fix a few links/correct some grammar. 4
    • ”The links are broken, let me fix it”
  • You love the meme or are a fan of the show it is based on. 5
    • ”Lol, I love this!”

1 If you can prove it, and would like to add to the entry, you will be considered. If not, you will be ignored. If you simply want credit, just make a suggestion with some proof that you are indeed the creator.
2 When we read something like this, it says “this isn’t a meme, it’s an inside joke among friends”. There may be an exception, but you still need to prove it.
3 We appreciate this, but you might need to be more specific. What can you add to this entry?
4 This is something that needs to be a suggestion.
5 That’s nice, but please post this in the comment section.

Another thing: Certain entries like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Homestuck often receive editorship requests of fans who believe they can be a great contribution to the entry because they are fans. This might be true, but please also consider in what way you can contribute to the information already present. If such an entry is still in its early phases, you can be of great help and will probably be added. But if the entry is near completion, there isn’t much an extra editor can add anymore that the current ones missed.

Last edited Jan 05, 2012 at 11:08PM EST


Selecting an entry

Once again, you must be careful when selecting an entry that you wish to see changed. You need to have a reason for suggesting changes.

Here are some valid reasons for suggesting changes:

  • You want to add a piece of information that doesn’t warrant an editorship.
  • You want to see a link, image or video fixed.
  • You want to correct a grammatical error.
  • You have some information on the entry, but don’t have time to edit it yourself.

Here are some invalid reasons:

  • You want to see this entry deadpooled or removed. 1
    • ”Please delete this.”
  • You feel offended by the entry in some way. 2
    • ”I am offended by the content on this page. Please remove the content that I don’t approve of.”
  • You believe this entry needs to be confirmed. 3
    • ”This meme is very popular, please confirm it.”
  • Give a review. 4
    • ”Great job on this!”*
  • Add a(n) image/video. 5

1 This is up to the staff and moderators to decide.
2 Entries with content that may offend some people are usually tagged “NSFW”, it is then your responsibility to read it.
3 This is up to the staff to decide. If the entry isn’t confirmed yet it might be because it’s incomplete or not popular enough. Please make a suggestion or request editorship if you want to help in getting the entry confirmed.
4 That is nice, but please post this in the comment section.
5 Entries don’t exist to promote your own work. Please upload it to the image/video section found at the bottom of the page. If the content you want to add is important for the origin or spread though, please add this in the suggestion or request editorship.

Last edited Jan 05, 2012 at 11:05PM EST

Okay, so I'm guessing my usual "I want to expand/clean up the entry to try to get it confirmed" is fine. However, usually I start doing serious researching after I get the editorship…

MemeTime wrote:

How will you know if you've been selected for the Editorship? Will a message appear in your Inbox? Or what will happen? :/

You will get an email in your inbox that says you got editorship on that entry.

RandomMan wrote:

You will get an email in your inbox that says you got editorship on that entry.

How do you know if your editorship request has been rejected?

Danyaveltan wrote:

Where do you even submit entry ideas? I may seem overly stupid, but I cant find it.

There should be a red button above the list of editors that says "Suggest a Change".

* Fix a few links/correct some grammar.

You know, I'm sorry, but it seems like most suggestions get simply ignored, so I feel like requesting editorship for fixing a few links/correct some grammar seems reasonable. Especially with the current frequency that YouTubes get taken down. Those videos can go dead for months before anyone updates them.

Last edited Apr 22, 2014 at 01:29AM EDT

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