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Last posted May 22, 2023 at 11:50PM EDT. Added Feb 22, 2017 at 12:01AM EST
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Posting an entire hunger games session would be excessive, so I'll just include the screenshots of the actions of the person who won, with other actions to provide context. I'll even provide my own interpretation.

At the first phase of the game, mare decides to lie low to avoid early conflict, especially against a group of three. Besides, there are other places to find supplies.

Day 1

With this move we catch a glimpse on precisely why this is called the 'hunger' games, as a lack of food can and will kill the competitors.

To avoid an early death, mare has used another player, aka myself, to prevent the tracker jackers from attacking herself. 16 out of 24 competitors died in this event, including kym-tan and don.

Night 1

Even though the hunger games does not end until one competitor remains, it is important to have people you can rely on, even if they both know full well they might have to kill each other later.

As mentioned earlier, mare has to stay under the radar to avoid being attacked, but there might be other factors at play, as roarshack also did not go.

For her second kill, mare employs a hit and run early in the day; hence the injury.

Destroying what another competitor has can lower their chances of survival, as mare seemingly knows.

Lying low as always, mare yet again tries to avoid potential fights.

As there are few players left, roarshack successfully prevents mare from killing him later by getting rid of her stuff. Hopefully mare won't find out what he did.

When mare wakes up, she notices that her supplies are gone, and roarshack runs to avoid retaliation. Meanwhile, someone else receives supplies…

In a long competition like this, it is important to come up with a strategy ahead of time, even with potential adversaries.

As one of the remaining players, mare prepares for the inevitable with ranged weaponry. Meanwhile, quazzle and roarshack have a "disagreement".

Not wanting the competitors to sleep, mare screams, pretending as though she was in danger.

Having witnessed a fight where one of the players has died to quazzle, mare wonders if she is still sane, remembering the night they talked about the hunger games.

Meanwhile roarshack attempts to catch up on sleep.

Because the game has dragged on, finding player camps has become a challenge for mare, as most have died. While she tries to regain her sense of direction, quazzle kills roarshack.

Realizing that her food supplies are low, mare tries to catch some fish. Quazzle takes out another competitor.

Finding her way again, mare hunts and finds quazzle, someone she once talked to a few days ago, to put an end to his killing spree; she is successful, and not only has mare won the hunger games, but she has avenged roarshack.

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