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Would you consider yourself trustworthy?

Last posted Mar 29, 2022 at 11:08AM EDT. Added Mar 23, 2022 at 07:54PM EDT
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One thing I see more often than I would like to admit on various sites are users to end to act more as symbols for a social cause or political ideology rather than acting like people that I would assume live normal lives like any human being.

With that in mind, even if a good number of people on here are cynical when it comes to things like corporations or institutions or politics, would you consider yourself to be trustworthy as a human being? For some, it's easy to forget that behind every username is a human being who lives a life with a family, daily routine, and feelings.

I get that "companies aren't your friend" is thrown around a lot these days, but are you?

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In practice, it depends more on the who, and what situation I’m in at a given time and place. In real life, yes. The internet is.. tricky, but for this site, which I’m more familiar with, I figure out some values and taboos to follow and avoid, respectively.

I would like to think so, but that kind of attribute can be easily miscredited to oneself without proper judgement from others. This is the only social website I am frequently active on so I like to play nice with everyone and remain generally neutral or quiet. I find little interest in imposing my own views or trying to sway fellow kym users beliefs or political leanings, one way or the other. It's not my business or concern what others choose to do or say here, this site does not belong to me.

I do genuinely visit kym just to be amused. It helps to blow off some steam after work by checking out the trending image galleries and taking part in fun discussions.

Personally, I tend to not care about people's secrets or personal business, so I simply do nothing with the information I am given. I don't share personal information because there's no reason to stir the pot, and doing so would involve creating problems for myself and others. Why bother?
In situations where someone trusts me to do something, I will make a reasonable effort to fulfill any obligations I might have to that person. It reinforces interpersonal relationships and ideally accomplishes an agreed upon mutually beneficial goal. For me, also, it's a point of principle--I don't like breaking promises.

Ultimately I take the path of least resistance, and it's just easier to not be an asshole. Trust me.

No, I am not your friend either.

Trust yourself, fight for yourself and take care of yourself. Anyone else, treat with the maximum level of scrutiny reasonable given the level of interaction you have with them.

Depends on how you want to define trustworthy in this case.

Am I a real representation of the man I am IRL?

Yes, I'm far too laid-back to bother with trying to create a persona for myself and I don't really support a cause because it's popular or it's the done thing.

I only follow and promote the cause that I personally believe is right.

Sometimes I'm with the grain, sometimes against it; but either way, as long as no one is getting hurt and I couldn't really care.

Am I trustworthy when it comes to information?

I am an idiot.

A particularly clever and well-read one, but an idiot nonetheless.

I will always say what I think is true, and because I can be quite wordy it may sound correct, but it in no way means that what I say is right.

So, unless I go out of my way to produce a source for something, it might be worth double-checking any fact I say out of hand if it doesn't sound quite correct and then proceed to dab on me when I'm wrong, only just and right to do so.

Right now, yes.

A few years back, no.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to be trustworthy?

Trustworthy = Good

No trustworthy = Bad

Simple concept. No deep philosophical explanation needed here. So, why is there any betrayal of trust in our world? It’s simple. Coming from a, hopefully, former narcissist, every act of betrayal of trust is always justified in the head of the perpetrator. It could stem from a bad event from long ago like, someone used them and maybe took money from them. When called out in it they get a word salad response that’s engineered to excuse all their actions perfectly and makes themselves seem like they did the right thing all this time and any counter argument would be like a false attack against them. Or they could be blamed, screamed at and punished for something they had no control over. Or someone spat in their face while being nice. OR seeing anything political on the internet. Things like that lives in people’s heads in a very negative way and it shapes them. It could make them perceive the world as a game that everyone is playing against them and they start playing it too, just to end the negativity inside. They then do actions that “gets back at the world” and submit to mental highs while betraying others trust while it’s all justified in their head.

Or they’re just dumb morons. Like cheaters.

Absolutely, my morals have always been aimed in the best direction possible ever since I was a kid – – the direction that I declare correct
I can do no wrong for I know not what it is


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