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Sounds like we've got a new "Derek Savage" or "Digital Homicide" situation on our hands with a crappy indie dev copyright claiming videos criticizing his games

Last posted Mar 25, 2021 at 05:42AM EDT. Added Mar 21, 2021 at 08:57PM EDT
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And like with Digital Homicide it's started with Jim Sterling

Now it's worth noting that Sterling has contacted their lawyers and after telling Gilson B. Pontes (the infamous developer) they're willing to fight in court over Sterling's videos, Pontes has seemingly backed down for the time being and removed copyright claims from Sterling's channel. Even so this feels way too eerily similar to what previously happened to Sterling with Digital Homicide, an infamous shovelware developer who attempted to sue Sterling over their negative reviews, or Derek Savage, who also tried to take down many negative videos about his Cool Cat movie.

For some context, Gilson B. Pontes is this indie dev who seems to always put out one game a year on PlayStation consoles (originally PS4 though it looks like his latest game is on PS5) that is basically a crappy open world game that tries to be a Souls-like but fails even in doing that. Not only has Jim Sterling done videos on Pontes' games, but I also remember Caddicarus covered some of them in a video he did on some of the worst games on the PS4.

Developer puts out half-assed cash grab product and seeks to silence criticism over it via youtube's broken copyright claim system.

Did 'Daddy Derek vs IHE' or Jim Sterling's battle with Digital Homicide really fall out memory for people like Pontes to not understand there would be backlash against abusing youtube's copyright system? These aren't cases of 'any publicity is good publicity', especially since, last time I've heard, the Digital Homicide guys claimed they've incurred into massive financial losses (this well after presenting their dodgy "legal action" against Sterling). Hell, Jim corroborated the fact that they've became so incredibly infamous that even when abandoning the 'Digital Homicide' name tag, people would still recognize their products and point it out to others. Of course, this was a few years ago, and I haven't updated myself with anything asociated with either those developers or Sterling himself since.

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Jim Fucking Sterling Son just can't catch a break

Can shovelware manufafcturers just own that their games are fucking trash for once and not go attacking one of the few respectable (Jim may be kinda controversial but they talk about actual problems in the gaming and software industry at the very least) games journalists with a significant following that will inevitably destroy what little goodwill people afforded them in the first place?

Though as something positive I should note Jim's original video was restored at least two days before this post

Digital/Online Copyright law reform when?

Probably in 30-60 years when all the people that grew up dealing with this trash are old and senile enough for people to consider them capable politicians. If we're lucky!

The fact that someone was able to abuse Copyright in this manner in the first place is evidence enough that reform is long overdue.


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