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1337 speak

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Category: Meme Status: Confirmed Year: 1980 Origin: Bulletin Board Systems Region:
Tags: 1980s, leet, l33t, l33t speak, 13375p34k, 1337 5p34k,

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General Description

1337speak, also known as 13375p34k or leetspeak, is a language that people on the internet use involving numbers, letters and characters. 1337 comes from the word leet. Leet comes from the word elite.


1337 first started on Bulletin Board Systems in which if you had elite status you could access the file folders, games, and V.I.P chatrooms. 1337speak uses ASCII characters to create words and emoticons like n00b (noob), 101, (lol[laugh out loud]), :] (a symbol representing a happy face which can be reversed to be :[, a sad face).


Numbers usually represent letters in 1337speak. 1 represents L or I. 3 Represents E. 6, G. 7 is T. 2 is Z. 5 is S. 13 is B. 1337speak takes the similarities in the letters and numbers and uses them to recreate a new language. There can also be symbols used like \/\/ for W. /\/\ for M, |-| and so on.


Z's and ed are suffixes in 1337speak. Things like wowz and lolz are parts of 1337speak. When people say pwned, which is a term that used to be owned, but after a common typo from owned, later became pwned. Pwnt is also a shorter way of saying pwned. B& is common speak used on 4chan, also known as banned. B+and=B&=Banned. CK is commonly replaced with an x. , used in email addresses as at, can be substituted in words such as C or B@.

Common Terms

n00b → Noob → Newbie, common used in games in which killing is involved.

Owned, Pwned – Owned is a term used when someone commits a great deal of fail. Pwned derived from the term owned turned into a common typo because p is next to o on the QWERTY keyboard.

Pr0n – Another term for porn, used on image boards.

Hax – another name for hack, or, haxor another name for hacker.

Sux – Sucks, because people are to lazy to type two more letters, or they want to be 1337.

w00t – Woot, a word for expressing happyness.

Tags: 1980s, leet, l33t, l33t speak, 13375p34k, 1337 5p34k,

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