4chan Alien Sighting Hoax

4chan Alien Sighting Hoax

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4chan Alien Sighting Hoax refers to a photoshopped image purportedly taken of an alien at the Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix, Arizona, which was submitted to 4chan as a hoax in late February 2017. Due to a temporary server outage following the posting of the image, many speculated that it was being scrubbed off the internet due to a reptilian government conspiracy.


On February 22nd, 2017, an image purportedly showing an alien was posted to 4chan titled "24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Air Force Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C" (shown below). That morning, several Cloudflare servers went down, leading to 4chan going offline.

Spread And Confirmed Hoax

That day, a 4chan user submitted a thread to /pol/ saying they heard "something about an alien being posted before the site went down" (shown below).[4]

File: IMG 0030 ipg (101 KB, 898x1024) War ■ Anonymous (ID: Ma am)雪02/22/17(Wed)10:07:42 No.113782058圄い2 113782456 >>113782750의137 113783079 113783146 113783562 113784105 113784521 113786764 113788469 >11378897Z 113795862 I heard something about an alien being posted before site went down? Can we have a thread about this? RA >S ■ Anonymous (ID: YuL+2PFJ)1102/22/17(Wed)10:15:15 No. 113782395 this someone must have saved it Anonymous (ID:GHENRWm)1+102/22/17(Wed)10:15:45 No. 113782425 Where da aliums at? > O Anonymous (ID memTU) 02/22/ 17(Wed)10: 1 6:17 No. 1 1 3782456、22113791 252 Pretty sure this was just a joke, but it does seem like they took images out of the data base. A warrant was filed and data was removed from the site. >>O Anonymous (ID: (MapAfO)雪02/22/17(Wed)10:16:40 No. 11378247 Pls don't let this slide

Meanwhile, a Pastebin[1] page was created with relevant links and information about the alien photograph post. Also on February 22nd, various 4chan posts were created claiming that the image was being covered up by the government.[6][7][8] On February 23rd, Redditor Grizzlepash submitted a post to /r/conspiracy[2] claiming that alien posts were being "aggresively censored" on 4chan boards. Meanwhile, a 4chan user submitted a post detailing how the image was a hoax orchestrated by a "shitposting Discord group" (shown below).

O Anonymous ID XvtH0D 雪02/23/17 Thu 22:54:00 No 114059769▶>>1 14059894 >114059901 >>11405996 >>11406035222114060370 2114060559 File: aliem2.png (1.35 MB, 1400x1400) 114058336 >>114 2> Bravo, I was HOPING to push this further, but it seems pretty pointless now. Anyways, to elaborate, this entire thing has been orchestrated by a shitposting Discord group that I and a few other people are in. We were actually taking advantage of the maintenance situation, one of us posted a thread that somehow got posted but got taken down immediately and didn't get archived. Naturally, we wanted to take advantage of this small bug for as long as it was up, so we posted that X-Files alien (photoshopped onto a generic desert background) to Ix/ with some cryptic credentials and watched as the same thing happened. After the site went back up, we started posting about how we saw the alium and made up a bunch of elaborate descriptions. The best part was that there were plenty of people either who saw the image and would corroborate our story, or just simply wanted to play along. The "corrupted image" stories were to set up later when there would be actual corrupted images popping up We were gonna let this ride out and then slowly work our way into posting the full, photoshopped image (perhaps cleaned up a bit), but I apparently was too sloppy in hiding where the alien" was actually from. You live and you learn, Iguess. I hope you guys had fun either way. It was nice causing a bit of shitposting hysteria

Also on February 23rd, an image outlining how the image was faked began circulating on both 4chan and Reddit, including a post on the /r/OutOfTheLoop[5] subreddit (shown below). On February 24th, the internet news site Heavy[3] published an article about the conspiracy theories surrounding the picture.

AYY LMAO CONFIRMED FAKE So the meme goes like this: thread created by anon with a picture of an ayy Imao somewhere in Arizona >4ch immediatly goes down for awhile and the thread disappears from the archives anons spooked and few supposedly saved the pic albeit in distorted form only pic available is the one on the left Many fakes surfaced claiming to be the real picture and the hunt was on to find the original. Anons claimed to have seen it said it was a scaly ayy with dark green/yellowish color and 'high res'. A few days later, anons noticed that it looked awfully like the long clawed alien from the x-files movie picture in the right. side by side comparison shows that it match- es the distorted image exactly. Not only that but a small detail in the distorted image shows confirms that it indeed is the alien in question. Another anon claiming to have con- cocted this meme from a Discord group posted the 'original' pic. The background image was eventually found and if the alien and the background is put together and laid side by side to the distorted pic, you get the lost ayy picture. KURZ JÁN KRSTITEL 7.08.201 vedle o.Ricardo Argañaraz zakladatel Koinonie Ján Krstitel KRSTITE 08.201 vedie o.Ricardo Argañaraz zakladatel Koinonle Ján Krstitel 14 vedie o.Rica zakladateľ Koino

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