Antonio Banderas' Laptop Reaction

Antonio Banderas' Laptop Reaction

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Antonio Banderas' Laptop Reaction is an animated computer reaction GIF of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas laughing smugly in front of a laptop computer in a scene from the 1995 action thriller film Assassins.


On March 22nd, 2013, Redditor Salisburymistake posted the earliest known instance of the GIF in an /r/reactiongifs post titled "MRW I typed "boobs" into Google's new animated image search."[1] The post garnered more than 5,500 up votes and 155 comments prior to being archived.

Antonio Banderas showing satisfaction at the email he just got

The Scene

The GIF comes from an offbeat scene from the 1995 American action thriller film Assassins wherein Miguel Bain (played by Antonio Banderas), a young sociopathic contract killer, is offered a contract to kill his his competitor and rival assassin Robert Rath (played by Sylvester Stallone). Delighted upon seeing the digitally transmitted image of Rath on his laptop screen, Bain then lets out an indiscernible noise ("ohooooooooooooo") as to savor the moment.


On March 28th, about a week after Redditor Salisburymistake submitted the reaction GIF, Redditor Shmutzical used the image in an /r/funny post titled "Logging in and finding out that it is your cake day."[2] On April 16th, Redditor Tman916x posted the same image in a /r/reactionGIFs post titled "When I jokingly ask a cute girl for nudie pics and she obliges,"[3] receiving 302 up votes and 32 comments. By May 5th, the GIF had been introduced as a "you got me" reaction face on the Internet humor site I Run The Internet.[15] On May 26th, Redditor Mushroomwig[4], a self-described PlayStation fan, used the GIF to convey his reaction to the backlash against Microsoft's XBox One at the E3 convention.

As a PlayStation fan, this is my reaction to the all Xbox One negativity at the moment ( submitted 5 months ago by mushroomwig 71 comments source share save hide report hide all child comments

On June 10th, Bodybuilding Forum member BloodFireDeath shared the image from I Run The Internet in a discussion thread titled "ITT the greatest GIF of 2013,"[7] in which many other members seconded the OP's notion. Throughout the summer of 2013, the reaction face continued to grow in popularity on Bodybuilding Forum.[8][9] In early November, the reaction image became closely associated with the forthcoming release of PlayStation 4 on NeoGAF.[10][11]

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