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Based Department

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Based Department is a phrase typically used to express that another person’s actions or post is considered based. It used as if a person is receiving a phone call from a fictional "Based Department," such as "Hello, Based department?"


"Hello, Based department" began from users on various 4chan boards using phrases such as "hello, epic department? I'd like to file a claim" since at least April 21st, 2016 (shown below).[1][2] A snowclone, "Hello X department?" emerged from this trend.

/pol/ Anonymous ID:VTwDHjq2 Thu 21 Apr 2016 23:35:16 No.71696493 View Report hello, epic department? I'd like to file a claim /s4s/ Anonymous Sat 02 Jul 2016 02:09:09 No.4562010 View Report use a picture of peter griffin holding a phone with meme text that says "hello, epic department I'd like to file a claim" /pol/ Anonymous ID:ggkkIjx/ Fri 29 Jul 2016 21:03:37 No.83412001 View Report >>83411439 Hello epic department? View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace * 13934697_228011994266731_7940061 (...).jpg, 7KIB, 259x194 /s4s/ Anonymous Sun 21 Aug 2016 02:35:36 No.4704053 View Report >>4703988 epic department? i'd like to file a claim

The first found mention of "based department" is in an October 17th, 2018 thread on the 4chan board /tv/. In the thread, a user posted "Hello, based department? I'd like to file a claim." in response to the original poster teaching their mom the meaning of the term "capeshit" (shown below).[3]

View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace i 1539762334872.png, 339KIB, 527x502 Anonymous Wed 17 Oct 2018 04:07:33 No.104963323 i View Report >tfw I taught my 60-year-old boomer mom what the term "capeshit" means and now she uses it whenever she sees some ad for some shitty new superhero movie Anonymous Wed 17 Oct 2018 04:09:42 No.104963381 View Report >>104963323 Hello, based department? I'd like to file a claim.


The "Hello X department?" snowclone was probably popularized by American political commentator and activist Nick J. Fuentes, who began using it at some point on his webshow America First. A November 14th, 2018 /pol/ thread using an Apu Apustaja modeled after him associates his image with an "epic department" (shown below).[4]

View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace * nick fuentes pepe style.jpg. 58KIB, 472x457 / pol/ Nick Fuentes Anonymous ID:2Na8gq3G Wed 14 Nov 2018 12:56:38 No.193419284 Thoughts on the epic department?

Further posts associating Fuentes with the "Hello X department?" snowclone were posted on /tv/ on January 11th, 2019 [5] and on /pol/ on May 27th[6] (shown below, left). Additionally, the snowclone was used by Fuentes himself in tweets on February 7th[7] and April 17th.[8] Fuentes says "Hello, epic department?" in an April 25th clip from his web show uploaded to YouTube by tsu (shown below, right).[9] The video gained over 11,000 views in sixteen months.

View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace a basado.jpg. 23KIB, 392x331 /tv/ Anonymous Fri 11 Jan 2019 15:24:20 No.108359869 View Report >>108356715 >He doesnt watch America First with Nicholas J Fuentes Uh yea Cringe department, I'd like to make a claim. View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace a nickfuentespepestylestyle.jpg, 23KIB, 392x331 /pol/ Anonymous ID: 4HXGZC4H Mon 27 May 2019 12:03:29 No.214453611 >>214434099 Hello, Based Department? l'd like to file a claim

Various Examples

The Based Department has me on hold This is the Based Department, callin you we are impressed with you mobile Based Department Accept Accept GREEN FROG IS CALLING mobile Based Department Message Remind Me WHY CAN'T I HANG UP made with mematic Accept Uh hello, BASED department?

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