Big Enough | Jimmy Barnes superimposed over the desert sky and appears to be screaming his lungs out

Big Enough

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"Big Enough" is an electronic-country-pop song by Kirin J. Callinan featuring Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis and Jimmy Barnes. On YouTube, a clip from the music video in which a cowboy is shown singing in the sky above various scenes set in the American Old West spawned a series of parody remixes on the video-sharing site.


On August 16th, 2017, the KirinJCallinanVEVO YouTube channel[3] uploaded the video for "Big Enough," which features a translucent screaming cowboy, portrayed by Scottish-Australian singer Jimmy Barnes, singing in the sky over various landscapes (shown below).


On September 8th, 2017, the paper-mario-wiki Tumblr blog posted a clip of Barnes' section of the song, which received upwards of 109,000 notes within one month.[1] That same day, YouTuber Adam Downer reuploaded the clip (shown below). The video was subsequently posted on the front page of Know Your Meme with the title "Screaming Cowboy."

On September 24th, YouTuber r0wd3 uploaded a remix of a scene from Jurassic Park edited with the screaming cowboy clip (shown below, left). Over the next two weeks, the video received more than 157,000 views and 70 comments. On September 25th, YouTuber Jake Hobbs uploaded a remix of the Screaming Sun scene from Rick and Morty dubbed with the screaming cowboy audio (shown below, right). The following day, Redditor Boogi29 submitted the original music video to /r/listentothis.[2]

On October 4th, YouTuber MakeItStop posted an edited clip from Game of Thrones in which the screaming cowboy is edited over a fire-breathing dragon (shown below, left). That same day, YouTuber Red Lama uploaded a montage of remix videos featuring the screaming cowboy clip (shown below, right).

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Mr. Candles
Mr. Candles

When I read "screaming cowboys", I was not expecting something that… truthful to the phrase. Who would add that to a supposedly serious song?

It doesn't help that every last one looks like he's either screaming in agony or about to fall apart from pure laughter; even the screaming ones knew this was not right.


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