Big Grin / Never Ever

Big Grin / Never Ever

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Big Grin (aka "Grinface", "Epic Lulz Guy") is a rage comic face reaction from inevitable joy (and frequently smugness) that results from a certain action or prank. Memebase's rage comic builder labels this reaction as "Big Grin" under the "Trolls" section.[1]


The Big Grin reaction usually depicts a high level of satisfaction and achievement. Its usage shows a reaction opposite as the Rage Guy.


The oldest documented comic using the Big Grin was submitted in deviantArt in April 14, 2009, by the user ActiveMobius.[2]


Never Ever

On 4chan's /v/ (video game) board, a gold-colored derivative of the original face (sometimes known as Goldface) became associated with the phrase "never ever".

The origins are rumored to date back to 2013, somewhere after the release of a Rockstar Games sandbox game Grand Theft Auto V. Because the game, at the time, was not released on PC, threads started to appear that made fun out of that fact ever since, often saying ">mfw PCfags will never, EVER get GTA V".

View Same Google qdb SauceNAO 1400445395321.jpg, 70KiB, 330x319 Anonymous Mon 26 May 2014 14:59:25 No.245126743 omfw PCfags vill never, EVER get GTA V View Report

The image continued to be used with the snowclone ">mfw Xfags will never, EVER get Y", usually aimed at demographics who do not have or possibly will never have something. However on June 9th, 2014, during E3 the port of GTA V for PC was announced and a similar backlash occurred aimed at those who were using the phrase.

VITA TV-PLAYSTATION TV The Last Guardian I'm picking Polaris and CNETs stream this time conference was over like Let's get this s--- started GTA V remake for next Multiplat f------ Batman What was the song played Why is this s--- in your during GTA 5 trailer Yep thats it. PS4 wins. Suck it pc elitist assholes. Why are you more likely to >people actualy went to a Polaris: Arbiter Thel Vadam: To find him, you have to forget theater to watch this GETTING BLOWN THE F--- OUT YOU GUYS legends. You have to do more than, walk in his SONY ALWAYS WINS than the sum of his actions. I tell you this, not because I trust you Agent ATTLEFIELD auto ..41" 많 I Offical E3 Giggler Thread LOOK AT THIS S--- stil waiting for gta v on themselves Sony? post yfw GTA5 gets a Because they Sonly have release before a PC Hey Ni, what's the best video game you've ever but pc master race to GTA V PS4 We need strong, female or other whatever gender here and ave a giggle everyone always forget haha more like NO GAMES Everything is a concept I can use my xbox save ONLY HAVE TO BUY consoles are, how long GTA V exclusive for PS4 Sony just beat "Master Race PC" and Xbox. GTAV COMING TO PS4 You've all been on /vi too XBONE AND PC RELEASE long today make a list of All this E3 is b-------. Inm games you've been putting making a webm thread. off and randomize them Post anything you want. Can anyone point me to a transferring to ps4. only game, becomes a roster No threads about a new So how about that gta 5 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA PC FINALLY GOT GTA V member in 8 spin-offs Phantom Dust for Xbone Regardless of the M------------ GTAVGTA 5 FOR PS4 You know what is coming F------ HEADED MAN NOW YOU inevitable naysayers And you don't want the to game, her sister is central Get the f--- in here and WHERE THE F--- intendo IS MY GAME? DRAW THREAD I have a firm hope that this game is going to be good. Seriosuly, where? Hi /v/, Ausfag here. Accidently bought a UK version of MarioKart 8, and I want that code. Any bros Hey ivi, just got home and watched a brief of the microsoft e3 stuff. Need to know some good games OH F------ S--- suare said to not expect Nintendo to not win in Post yfw PC f--- DID get RATCHET AND CLANIK oh cool some vidya GTAV CONFIRMED FOR NIIDYA DRAW THREAD their press conference exclusive Wi U games to release" oh so they wil be would like to end my life on Try not to bump requests be released in the rest of -All art posted will be to critique of all nature -If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it, X from Monolith Soft

Notable Examples

Later that day. Don't forget your lunch Jimmy How was school son? Thanks Dad. Somebody s--- in my lunch bag
just going to open this jar here... w--? not opening? friend* hey there. need mou can try. but there might be something wrong with the lid... friend opens jar in one second what the... LOL Y U NO OPEN WHEN ITRY YOU?! guess you re just not strong enough 万 LOOSENED IT FOR HIM
hey dad i'm hungry nice to meet you hungry, i'm dad .. .i thought you were hungry dad i'm serious! !!! are you kidding me? nope.. . im dad

Darling, do these pants make me look fat? "It's a trap!* It's your enormous ass that makes you look fat. Of course not. Aww, thank you, you are so....! IT WAS WORTH IT ruu
Hmmm. . .this design is coming out better than expected SUCCESS!! THE CLIENT WILL LOVE IT! BROCHURE DESIGN This is great!! Better tharn expected! ん Hmmm. . .let's see what we have here but...I think you can some more to "Jazz-it-up".. . do . . .You know. . . "Make-it-pop".. . ..wha? . .gonna have to redo it. Oh. . O* and use comic sans. it's got that "fun" 1ook to it UUuu UUUu UUuU
sitting in class *tickle tickle Se did you seriously just get pen on me 7 CAP WAS ON

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