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Cereal Guy

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Cereal Guy is a stick figure character commonly used on imageboards and discussion forums as a multi-purpose reaction face.



The original comic was posted by graphic designer Bob Averill (a.k.a Lego_Robot) on the SomethingAwful forums sometime in 2007. Depicting a long-distance couple's argument over the phone, the comic strip served as a parody of TV commercials for Reese's Puffs cereal featuring the tagline "Candy?!… For breakfast? It's Reese's!" The popularity of the comic[1] prompted Averill to start his own webcomic series Lego Robot Comics, now known as Plastic Brick Automaton.[2]

So let me get this're at this new college guy? for ONE WEEKand you've already f----- some other Don't put it that way. It's part of the college experience, Im trying new things and being social. Besides, you gave me permissIOn! Well guess what bitch? Imet someone too! And I F----- HER IN THE BARNHOLE! She does stuff with me that YOU never would! ...God...How did things fail apart so fast? We were supposed to stay together despite the distance.. Look....don't worry babe, it's gonna be okay Okay? OKAM? How could things POSSIBLY be okay afterwhat happened?? Well, for one thin...I had Reeses for breakfast CANDY? For BREAKFAST?? JUST ONE BITE, AND MY TASTEBUDS ARELOST IN A SEA OF CHOCOLATEY FLA VOR!! REAEAS

4chan's Cereal Guy

In late 2009, Averill's character resurfaced as a reaction face on 4chan where he received the name "Cereal Guy". For some time, the images were referred to as "STFU when I'm talking" through a successful 45 GET-- however that name ultimately did not catch on.

Following the generally positive reception of Cereal Guy, a number of derivative instances were introduced by other users on 4chan, such as Cereal Guy 2.0 the polished version of original MS paint image, Bubble Pipe Cereal Guy who appears to be taking a break from eating cereal and Cereal Guy Ninja doing a roundhouse kick.

As per suggestion of user "dexter (", efeFzefefergf in typical 4chan fashion.

There is also a single topic blog titled Fuck Yeah, Cereal Guy[3] which is dedicated to answering various people's questions with counterpoints in character of Cereal Guy.

Search Interest

The keyword "Cereal Guy" has a visible search trend, while "STFU when I'm talking" (even without quotes) has none. This signifies that the name did not catch on in most people's minds. Furthermore, a Tineye[4] reverse image search shows that of the four images indexed, two retain the "cereal guy" name, while the other two are assigned arbitrary numbers.

He Will Never Ballin

He Will Never Be Ballin, often spelled He Will Never Ballin', refers to a series of memes in which someone casts doubts that a certain person or character will ever be "ballin'" with their claim then immediately disproved when that character is shown playing basketball. The meme began in January 2019 as a version of He Will Never Have a Girlfriend, which, in turn, is a subformat of Cereal Guy, but has acquired an independent identity since. The format is closely related to I'm Fucking Ballin!

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