Blinking White Guy

Blinking White Guy

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Blinking White Guy, also known as Drew Scanlon Reaction, is a GIF of Drew Scanlon, video editor and podcaster at video game website Giant Bomb. The GIF of Scanlon is used as a reaction image to express incredulity. In August 2019, a multi-panel format based on the GIF known as First Guy To gained popularity.


On December 6th, 2013, an episode of GiantBomb series "Unprofessional Fridays" premiered.[5] In the episode, Drew Scanlon performs a "double take" reaction when Jeff Gerstmann says "farming with my hoe" while playing Starbound (shown below).

The earliest known post to use the GIF of Scanlon was a comment by Tokubetsu responding to a comic about Kanye West and Future posted to a NeoGAF thread on July 27th, 2015.[1]

Originally Posted by IrishNinja Ya'll throwin' contracts at me? Ya'll know that n----- can't read! F--- you and your corporation R.A.P is overrated des where that future review at doe can't control mg canall n----- 60 Well, I figured out why I never Ya'll n----- can't f--- with Ye!Future years ago on one of Gu Ya'll n----- can't f--- with Ye! compared to Gucci's verses (g Future up until now. As I watch copout, and that he was just u dude who couldn't make it in t keep him alive in the industry change my mind about him. It heard DS2. I'm bout to wild the f--- out! I'm goin' BOBBY BOUCHER!


The GIF had been around for nearly two years, but it was not until February 2017 that it spiked in popularity on Twitter. On February 5th, user @eksbl[2] used it in a tweet describing his reaction in biology class, gaining nearly 50,000 retweets.

In the coming week, several other tweets employing the GIF would gain tens of thousands of retweets, turning the GIF into a meme. Meanwhile, fan threads on GiantBomb's forums[3] and NeoGAF[4] discussed the transformation of Scanlon into a meme.

First Guy To

In August 2019, Blinking White Guy regained popularity in memes as a multi-panel format, also known as First Guy To, usually illustrating the passage of a short amount of time in a similar vein to some of the Surprised Joji meme (examples shown below).

FIRST GUY TO RIDE A ROLLER COASTER WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE The first guy to discover free real estate must have been like The first guy to ever get glasses must have been like

Various Examples

Follow @sincerelyjexi white people: I'm 38% german, 35% swedish, 25% danish, 2% milk me: I'm puerto rican not mexican white people: Half Inch Punisher @Yahiam Follow , Me: this tests is gonna be so easy, Ima get a 100 Test: Name GIF chanel @hslaurent + Follow ﹀ me: "knows im ugly' someone: youre ugly me: GIF FRAN DAMNED + Follow でー@franisademon @eskbl teacher: genetics me: GIF Follow + ﹀ @MosDebt Christians: separate the KKK from Christianity!! Muslims: separate ISIS from Islam. Christians: Supreme Khairy @OMG ItsKhairy Follow v White People: I can't believe that people keep animals chained up Me: almost like slavery White people: slavery?

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