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Starbound[1] is an action-adventure sci-fi game made by an independent game studio Chucklefish with a pixelated artstyle similar to it's rival game Terraria. The game takes place in a two-dimensional, procedurally generated universe which the player is able to explore in order to obtain new weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items. The player can choose to seven different races with different features and cosmetics, such as armor and a starter spacecraft.


Starbound was formally announced by Tiyuri in February 2012, with a tiered, Kickstarter-style, pre-order opening via the "Humble Store":m/memes/sites/humble-bundle on April 13, 2013. Tier options included a copy of the game, an invite to the beta, and a download of the game's soundtrack, as well as game-related "rewards", such as naming an in-game NPC, designing a hat or weapon, and having a statue of oneself designed to be placed in the game. Within 24 hours of the pre-order opening, over 10,000 people backed the game, contributing over $230,000 to fund the game's development.

By April 29, 2013, the Starbound pre-order had reached all three of its stretch goals by raising over $1,000,000. The game entered its initial stage of beta and was released on Steam on December 4, 2013, receiving over $2,000,000 in pre-orders prior to its launch.

In July 22, 2016, Starbound was released as an early access and is also in-development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Playable Races

Apex are ape-like creatures with naturally humanoid features. Due to a process that Apex researchers discovered, they are able to upgrade their intellectual state while degrading their physical state. There is much dissent among them, as individuals chosen for researching a better process never return.

Avians are bird-like creatures without wings. They believe that their wings were lost upon entrance into the mortal world from the "Aether", or their "Plane of Gods". They believe that they will regain their wings upon entrance into the "Aether", which they believe is achieved only by complete theological devotion. Non-worshipers are called "The Grounded".

Florans are carnivorous plant creatures. They have a peaceful appearance but are highly violent, engaging in wars with other factions of their race. At one point, they managed to conquer another race's world. They are exceptional at reverse engineering technology. It is not known if this capability has an effect on gameplay.

Humans are ordinary Humans. In time, Humans on Earth grew to create a single Human empire. Humans gained the ability of complete space travel at one point. Earth was a place of peace and enlightenment for many years. However, a meteor containing a hostile tentacle alien race had crash-landed on Earth. It grew to the point of destroying Earth's cities, and scattered the Human race into the universe.

Hylotl are an amphibious species. They are the most docile race after living under the sea for many years, eventually developing empathy toward all living races. Their strong obsession with beauty seems to be their driving notion. With their empathy for all living creatures, the Hylotl send out members of their race as missionaries to spread peace. The Hylotl were eventually driven off-world by the Florans. Although they are docile, they are very proficient in the use of weaponry. Hylotl culture appears to resemble that of feudal Japan.

Glitch are robotic creatures with their mindsets stuck in the Medieval Age. The Glitch were created by an unknown race, and they are controlled by a single hivemind; their entire purpose is to build, expand, and evolve. Inevitably, they learned that they are artificial constructs when they deconstructed themselves, realizing that their inside contents were nothing more than mechanical parts. Their understanding of the world leads them to realize that artificial things have a creator. This gave them the ability of self-awareness; some Glitch accept their role as workers while others pursue the truth.

Novakid are beings made out of solar energy. As the Novakids have little to no desire to record their history, little is known about their origins and any groundbreaking research is forgotten within a few generations. This race was announced when the pre-order campaign raised $500,000, and was planned to be added after the full release, but ended up being added in the later beta update, v. Upbeat Giraffe.

Search Interest

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Top Comments

𝓢𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖊𝖑 𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓔𝓞 𝓸𝓯 𝓗𝓸𝓻𝓷𝔂
𝓢𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖊𝖑 𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓔𝓞 𝓸𝓯 𝓗𝓸𝓻𝓷𝔂

As of now, game is met with a mixed response. Steam reviews seems to be moderated, and only "non-negative" are allowed to come through. On GOG however, reception is quite different, and for a reson.

3/4th of the game better bits were completely cut before the final release. Things that were promised, were present in the early access, and then cut from the game at some point, or right from the final release for no reason whatsoever.

Most of the monster generation variants, which left worlds with same-y looking grunts instead of a colorful variety. Monster abilities were cut as well, neutering the game's difficulty.
Several crucial gameplay systems like temperature, radiation level, exotic climates and other stuff that made every planet different in approach replaced with straight upgrade progression (You get Tier 4 upgrade, now you can go to Tier 4 planets safely) and simplified mechanics.
Generated planetary minibosses (that actually gave reason to explore planets and not bookmark one planet of each type).
Different race starts, and racial lore. Game had much darker tones in a sense "Every race is screwed in some way" – now there's no trace of it anywhere (yet all people still hurdle in small settlements and lage towns are only seen on Wasteland type planets because screw consistency).
Different race AIs and AI reactions to ingame situations.
Weapon types ammount greately reduced.

Moby The Duck
Moby The Duck

This game had a lot of potential, the lore looked cool and the character designs were really nice, now after years of delays it turns out to be just a lesser Terraria.

80% of the content from the Beta is literally gone:
- Several techs gone, no more mechs, gravity bubbles, flight or targeted blink
- Far less weapon types, parts and powers
- A lot of the randomization from planets are gone, now there is a fixed progression, making most planets look the same
- Monsters dont have special powers anymore, they only have either a charge attack or a projectile, so basically all monsters are the same with a different skin
- Racial story is gone, now everyone uses the Human story
- No more race-specific ship AI, now everyone uses a recolored Human AI, with far less interaction

Exploring is boring, combat is still terrible, the player is really underpowered and handicapped, magic is a joke, most weapons feel like peashooters, moviment is floaty, the main story is literally 'look at things until you unlock the next dungeon'

I downloaded several mods to fix most problems with the game, but I still was having TERRIBLE performance issues. And not the 'framerate loss' kind, I was getting actual ingame lag, like I was playing in a dial-up connection while downloading something. This actually made me have to restart the Glitch castle quest twice.

Final score: I'd rather be playing Terraria or Crea/10


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