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Chickun a.k.a "Arise The Chickun" are 4chan threads include posts of photoshophed, edited or face-swaped image macros of My Little Pony character Scootaloo. Scootaloo's face generally have the same weird looking expression.

Threads are often created to mock the anti-brony subculture with spam, which is more intended when compared with its humor usage.


Inside the MLP fandom "Scootaloo Is A Chicken" gag comes from the show when Scootaloo being mocked by the character Appleboom, pretty similar as the other fandom-inside jokes.
Weird looking face of scootaloo comes from the 3th season episode 4 while Scootaloo skips around(shown below).

The catchphase comes from an adult cartoon show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"’s third season premiere, “Video Ouija,” which was an episode where Master Shake is ground into a stew in Carl’s pool.[1]

In order to resurrect Shake, Frylock hires “Billy Witch Doctor,” whom specializes in resurrecting chickens. After numerous pranks, the group comes together in a séance circle and begins the resurrection ritual, which despite Frylock’s questioning, was supposedly for more than chickens. The ritual would involve Billy smacking his chicken staff to the ground, urging the group to chant, “Arise, Chicken, Arise!” After many failed attempts, Frylock gets bored and kills Billy with his laser beam eyes.[1]

Against 4chan's Rule 15 has a rule that ponies shall be limited to the /mlp/ board in order to prevent shitstorms or flamewars like in the first times of the MLP's case on /b/.
Even the creation of /mlp/ some users keeps opening pony threads on /b/, which always ends up with banning. Some users (mostly known is the tripcode user "Smokey") decided to open chickun threads to bait users and moderators.[2]

□ Anonymous (ID: vjQzqWZP) 04/07/13(Sun)04:28:57 No 470888206 Replies: 22470888754 File: 1365323337797 ipg-(31 KB, 300x309, 1363397758631.jpg) PERFECTLY 73 File: 1365320735171 ipg-(54 KB, 341x400, bitches-dont-know.jpg) □ Anonymous (ID: 4QUsF9L) 04/07/13(Sun)03:45:35 No.470880734 Replies: 470881110470888206 CALM BITCHES DONT KNOW BOUT MY CHICKUN WHY THE F--- DO PEOPLE POST THESE F------ THREADS?!?!?! DO YOU FAP TO THIS PONY S---?! GODDAMN STOP IT □ Anonymous (ID: @CB7GXX) 03/17/13(Sun)00:46 No.465704440 [m] >>466704679 File: 1363495616640 png-(59 KB, 500x500, 1351901862530.png) iadb google File: 1363494891480 jp9-(53 KB, 439x475, 000000000000000tiem- 13-austisim.jpg) iadb google RAM ARISE CHICKUN Smokey IMeadowx. JQ (IDg01BZGLP) 03/17/13(Sun)00:34 No 465701664 let the ban hammer fail not this s--- againAnonymous ## Mod :: 4 minutes ago No.47 1866229 [r] >>471 866463 2247 1866515 >>471 866532 >>471866675 > e 6729 >>471 866825-247186694 2 O Anonymous (ID: FDyH8stD) 4 minutes ago No.471866082 1471866229 471866536 602331 422970724434284 12.ipg (22 KB, 240x320) iadb google Oh hey thanks for banning that poster but not the thousand and one horse f----- and fur f-- threads. GOOD JOB But I have been doing just that. For months and months

Meanwhile spammers get away through IP bans and keep posting, some spammers also joined the bandwagon.

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[1] Gyropedia Wiki : Arise Chickun

[2] Archive Foolz : A discussion on /q/ Board

[3] Derpibooru : Chickun Tagged Images

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