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This is an introductory entry to the character fandom related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


The fan community around the animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been prolific in raising the profile of side characters and nameless background ponies seen throughout the series. These ponies have been given names, personalities, and back-stories that are largely based on which other ponies they are usually seen with, what they are often seen doing, and what their "cutie mark" looks like. In the show, background ponies are treated interchangeably, with their purpose being simply to make the setting seem more populated. The scenes are usually composed without them, and they are only later added during the layout phase. Thus, all names and personalities are purely the creation of the fan community.

Side Characters


Princess Celestia is a recurring character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is tasked with raising the Sun. She also banished her siter, princess Luna, to the moon for 1000 years. Throughout the series, there are times when Celestia speaks and behaves somewhat less formally than would be expected of a princess or an absolute monarch. Due to her character attributes, Celestia is often depicted in fan-fiction and artworks as a troll or a tyrant fooling around with other ponies and banishing whoever she wants to the moon. She was nicknamed Trollestia / Tyrant Celestia.

Nightmare Moon / Luna

Princess Luna (formerly Nightmare Moon) is the younger sister of Princess Celestia and the antagonist in the first two episodes of the series. She is transformed back to her former self by the "Elements of Harmony" and returns to her duty of raising the moon and stars over Equestria every night. As Nightmare Moon, she was vengeful, condescending, jealous, and angry; because of this, fan-art community of Nightmare Moon usually characterizes her as a villain. As Luna, she seems much more soft-spoken and gentle, and full of regret over her actions. Little is known about her personality in this form. Luna is one of the lesser known characters in the My Little Pony fanart. The creator of the show Lauren Faust has stated that Luna is not yet fully-grown, and that there was some evil magic which transformed her into Nightmare Moon. When Luna is fully grown, she will not look like Nightmare Moon. Luna returns in Season 2 in the episode "Luna Eclipsed" with a new design (she has now a Celestia-like mane). In this Halloween episode, she realizes she is always feared as "the Nightmare Moon", and becomes really sad, until at the end where the fillies want to be scared just for fun. Because she was banned for a thousand years, Luna has an antiquated manner of speech, and shouts all the time.

Steven Magnet

Steven Magnet is a dragon that was introduced in Season 1 Episode 2 "Friendship is Magic Part 2". He is seen in a scene where the mane 6 are trying to get across a river that is raging, and Steven Magnet is the cause for the commotion. He is thrashing around because Nightmare Moon cut off his mustache, so Rarity cuts off her tail and give it to him as the 2nd half of his mustache.


Zecora is a zebra character living in a hut in the the Everfree Forest. Initially feared by all of Ponyville, she later became a respected visitor. However, she prefers staying in the Everfree Forest, a mysterious place outside Ponyville where strange creatures live. Within the fan community, Zecora is known for speaking in verse though the reason behind it is unclear. She is also known to speak in a foreign language on occasions. Zecora's special talent is preparing natural cures and remedies from herbs and plants. She also seems to have a mystical sixth sense about plants and has an incredible sense of balance.

Big Macintosh is a member of the Apple family and Applejack's older brother. The character is shown to have a rather calm and easy-going demeanor. It's common for fans to shorten his name to Big Mac. He is mostly known through his popular phrase "Eeyup".

Granny Smith

Granny Smith is an elderly Earth pony, Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Macintosh's grandmother, and a recurring character in the series. Her cutie mark is an apple pie, much like the rest of the Apple Family's cutie marks.


Trixie (often introducing and referring to herself as The Great and Powerful Trixie) is a Unicorn pony and traveling magician who appeared so far only in Boast Busters. She visited Ponyville with her show, in which she greatly exaggerates her abilities and shows off. In fan-art, she is often displayed as a show-off who constantly speaks in an overdramatic manner and extremely confident in herself. She is the best pony.

Mayor Mare

The Mayor of Ponyville. She is seen giving short speeches, welcoming Princess Celestia in the Summer Sun festival, honoring Applejack in Applebuck Season and rousing up spirits in Winter Wrap Up. She becomes stressed when things don't go according to schedule in Winter Wrap Up. She is only referred to as "Mayor", though some fans refer to her as "Mayor Mare".


Cheerilee is a schoolteacher in Ponyville. While she is mostly seen as a background pony, she has more significant appearances in Call of the Cutie and The Show Stoppers. Cheerilee is alternately portrayed, particularly in fanarts, as a 1980's rock star looking filly, with big teeth and braces, based on the picture of her younger self in the episode Call of the Cutie.


Spitfire is one of the female members of The Wonderbolts and currently the team leader as a whole. She first appeared in Sonic Rainboom and her name was learned in The Best Night Ever. She's the Wonderbolt member with more fanart, fanfics and her fanwork is usually related to Rainbow Dash as one of the most common shippings of the fandom.


Soarin' (always spelled with the apostrophe) is the only other named member of The Wonderbolts along with Spitfire. His only speaking appearance so far was in The Best Night Ever where he was a guest and performer at the Gala. During the episode, Soarin' eagerly purchases and devours one of Applejack's pies. The fandom has thus made pies, especially apple pies, his main fixation – occasionally to the point of shipping.

The source of Soarin's unusual name was revealed on August 20, when a show writer named Amy Rogers posted a comment on the web site WeLoveFine, which had bees selling a Soarin' tee-shirt. According to Rogers, Soarin' was named after her son Soren. The post was quickly picked up by Equestria Daily, which reported it in a news post.


Gilda is a griffon who appeared only in episode 5 "Griffon the Brush Off". She was presented as an old friend of Rainbow Dash from the Junior Speedsters Flight Team, when she came to Ponyville to visit her. Gilda's personality is strong and tomboyish, she's also very jealous, this made the fandom think as her as a former Rainbow Dash girlfriend, shipping them in lots of fanworks. Since the episode premiere, she has developed both, fandom and hatedom. Some like to claim she was a "misunderstood" or "tragic" character for losing what they say was her only friend, while others just like to have her torment other characters in fanworks. In fanworks she often refers to others by calling them "Dweebs".

Hoity Toity

Hoity Toity is a fancy Earth pony and a major representative of the fashion world from Canterlot.Hoity Toity first appears in the episode Suited For Success, having arrived in Ponyville to see Rarity's fashion show. Having seen her "perfect" dresses, which are much-revised versions of Rarity's original designs, he gives a very critical review, calling the dresses "a piled-on mish-mash of everything but the kitchen sink".

Diamond Dogs

The Diamond Dogs appear in the episode A Dog and Pony Show. They kidnap Rarity, and force her to find gems for them after they see her using her gem-finding spell.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish is a fashion photographer, appearing in Episode 20, "Green Isn't Your Color." In the episode, she attempts to turn Fluttershy into a fashion icon, much to Rarity's envy. Her character, like that of several other minor characters, was based on a real person. In her case it was Anna Wintour, the editor of well-known fashion magazine Vogue. She returns in Episode "Sweet and Elite ".

Little Strong Heart and Chief Thunderhooves

Little Strongheart is a young buffalo who appears in Over a Barrel.Little Strongheart is first seen with the buffalo herd when they hijack a train car.Chief Thunderhooves is chief of the buffalo tribe featured in the episode Over a Barrel. He leads the buffalo against the settlers of Appleloosa because the settlers' apple orchards block the buffalo's traditional stampeding grounds.


Braeburn is an Earth pony from Appleloosa, and is Applejack's cousin. He appears in the episode Over a Barrel. His name is also the name of an apple cultivar.


Discord is the main antagonist of the two firsts episodes of Season 2. He's a Draconequus who has brought chaos on Equestria, but he has fortunately be stopped by the Elements of Harmony. He instantly become very popular in the fanbase, especially for his dance move, his troll personality and the fact that he is dubbed by John de Lancie. Bronies also think than he is a childhood friend of Celestia, and that there possibly is a tragic love story between them.


Fancypants is a Canterlot high society Unicorn who is introduced in the episode Sweet and Elite. Rarity describes him as the most important pony in Canterlot. His entourage frequently change their opinions to agree with his own.

The Cake Family

Mr. Carrot Cake and Mrs. Cup Cake are the owners of Sugarcube Corner and Pinkie Pie's employers and landlords, as they rent the loft above the shop to her. Their full names are first mentioned in the season 2 episode "Baby Cakes". Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are Mr. and Mrs. Cake's foals who make their debut appearance in the episode Baby Cakes.

The Flim Flam Brothers

The Flim Flam brothers are two salesmen unicorn brothers who are featured in the episode The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. Their names are a play on a flimflam, a confidence trick or a con. They drive into one of the gate of Sweet Apple Acres' apple orchard on a cider-making contraption and introduce themselves through song and dance. They challenge the Apple family to a cider-making competition against their machine, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.

Daring Do

Is a Pegasus first encountered in season 2 episode16, her name is an allusion to the Middle English term for someone with rash and heroic attributes. Her attitude closely resembles that of Rainbow Dash in that she does not like to back down, and on several occasions throughout the episode directly quotes Rainbow Dashes exact words.
Her roll as a treasure hunter in a dangerous temple is a reference to the movie classic Indiana Jones and the raiders of the Lost Ark, were the temple scenes extremely similar.

Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda

Cranky Doodle Donkey shows up in the episode A Friend in Deed right after the Smile Song by Pinkie Pie. A stark contrast to the rest of the happy, singing crowd, Cranky Doodle Donkey only manages to maintain a frown. Matilda is first seen walking through Ponyville. Pinkie Pie wishes her a "happy birthday", 132 days in advance. Matilda is pleasantly surprised that Pinkie would know the birthdays of herself and everyone in Ponyville so well.

Matilda is later brought to Cranky Doodle Donkey's home by Pinkie, who had deduced that she was the "special friend" Cranky had spoken of.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are the two featured characters in the Season 2 Finale "A Canterlot Wedding," in which they are bride and groom at their lavish royal wedding. Shining Armor is actually the brother of Twilight Sparkle, who was quite upset upon hearing of her brother's impending nuptials. Upon learning that the bride was Cadance, who happens to be Twilight's childhood foalsitter, her reaction was softer, until Twilight began taking notice of strange behavior exhibited by her, including casting a mysterious spell on her fiance. Eventually, it is revealed that she had been replaced by an impostor, the Queen of the Changelings; at the end of the episode, however, the queen and her Changeling army are purged from Equestria by a spell generated by the couple's love for each other.

Shining Armor and Cadance have become very popular fan art subjects since their episode together. They are usually depicted in the company of one another, and are considered the show's official couple[22] by fans.

Chrysalis, the Changeling Queen


In the Season 2 finale "A Canterlot Wedding," it is revealed in the second part of the episode that Princess Cadance had been taken hostage and replaced by a shapeshifting creature called a Changeling, who has been feeding on Shining Armor's love for her. During the reveal, the imposter identifies herself as the Queen of the Changelings, with her scripted name, Chrysalis, being verified by layout artist Nayuki on the Allspark forums.[20] She and her Changeling minions are later defeated by Cadance and Shining Armor.

After the episode's airing, fans instantly became enamored with the new villain. Fan art of Chrysalis was created in such volume, Equestria Daily had to dedicate an entire "Drawfriend" art post to her,[21] the largest such art post in the blog's history and the only one dedicated to a single character. Part of the reaction might have been due to the surprise of her reveal; until the episode aired, Chrysalis was a complete secret, and her reveal was a shocking surprise to all viewers.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders

The Cutie Mark Crusaders consists of the 3 fillies Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle (Rarities younger sister) and Applebloom (Applejack's younger sister) who are all living with blank flanks (They don't have their cutie marks yet). They took the name Cutie Mark Crusaders because they are constantly trying to find what their special talent is so they can get their cutie marks.


Twist is a school-age Earth Pony with a noticeable speech impediment. She is one of Apple Bloom's classmates at school. She was one of the few only blank flanks in her class besides Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle until she received her cutie mark, two candy canes in the shape of a heart, in Call of the Cutie.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are two of the bullies in the cutie mark crusaders' school. They constantly make fun of them for not having their cutie marks yet. Diamond Tiara's Special talent is wearing a tiara on her head and Silver Spoon's special talent is being a brat.

Snips and Snails

Snips is an excitable and goofy pony, often entering a fit of eager jumping at the slightest inclination. He is an unusually short and round pony, and may be one of the smallest in Ponyville. Snails is a golden colored colt with an aquamarine mane and tail, and light yellow freckles. He is notably lankier and thinner than other ponies, much like Celestia or Luna, or Fancypants' pink mare-companion.


Pipsqueak or Pip is a young Earth Pony who dressed up as a pirate for Nightmare Night in Luna Eclipsed.As his name suggests, Pipsqueak is smaller than the other ponies. His coat has patches of color on it, unlike most ponies in the show who have a solid-color coat.

Background Ponies

Derpy Hooves

Derpy Hooves is, without doubt, the background character with the most fanwork of MLP:Friendship is Magic. The moniker comes from a stillshot in the pilot episode, wherein the character is seen wearing a googly-eyed expression similar to the DERP face. Derpy's eyes even became canon on February 11, 2011.

DJ P0N-3

DJ P0N-3 (also known as Vinyl Scratch) had a very brief appearance as a nameless disk jockey in episode 14 "Suited for Success". The character’s cool demeanors caught the attention of My Little Pony fans and led to a series of audio / video remixes on YouTube, usually set to electronica and house music. Her fanwork usually relates her to Lyra and Octavia.

Doctor Whoof

Doctor Whoof, also referred to as "Doctor Whooves" and "My Little Time Lord", is a light brown pony with a dark brown mane and light blue eyes. Fans refer to him as the Sole Survivor of Gallopfrey. He is also seen as a time lord, this is because some fans thought the colt resembled the tenth incarnation of Doctor Who, David Tennant, due to his spiked brown hair and hourglass cutie mark.

Lyra and Bon Bon

A cream coloured earth pony and a turquoise unicorn, respectively, these characters appear together quite frequently in the background and have since become the two most consistently shipped characters in the cast. Both appeared in the first episode, but so far only Bon Bon has had any lines (in episodes 12 and 20). Fan works usually depict the characters as a happy, stable couple, with Lyra having a slightly more assertive personality. Lyra also appears occasionally as a rival to Octavia.


Octavia first appeared in episode 26 as a bass player. Fan works often show her as a friend and/or rival to Lyra and DJ P0N-3 for musical recognition. Octavia is often depicted as the most uptight and professional of the three musical ponies, and is often seen practising for long hours. Some fans have speculated that she is Pinkie Pie's sister, pointing to a similar looking pony from Pinkie's flashback to her childhood.

Berry Punch / Over Protective Parent Pony

Berry Punch is an earth pony who can be seen in several episodes, but it's in episode 12 "Call of the cutie" where she had more role: she got scared by Applebloom (when she tried to buy some apples) and later she could be seen sipping directly out of a punch bowl.

After that episode, lots of fanart have been made, usually making her look drunk or with a glass on one hoof. Some of the fanworks show her with Colgate. That ship was born in episode 11 "Winter Wrap Up" when, in the middle of the main song, Berry and Colgate appear together like if they were in love. Also known as "Over Protective Parent Pony," or OPPP for short, due to a scene from episode 9 "Bridle Gossip", in which she pulls a small filly inside in a house in fear of Zecora. This filly is also known as either Ruby or Berry Pinch.

Colgate / Romana

A pony whose mane and tail stripes look like toothpaste, she is often seen with dental-related objects in fan-art.

She is also known by the name Romana, named after a female time-lord from the tv series Doctor Who, due to her cutie mark being shaped like an hour glass, and is sometimes associated with Doctor Whooves due to this connection.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top (also known as Golden Harvest) is an earth pony with carrots as a cutie mark who apears regularly as a background pony through out the show is often afiiated as being Derpy's friend and takes on an incredibly broad veriety of roles in fanon.

Dinky and Sparkler

Dinky and Sparkler are two regular background unicorns, who are known as Derpy's children.
Dinky is a young grey unicorn with a yellow mane, who first appears during "Winter Wrap Up". Because of her similar color scheme with Derpy, fandom immediatly thought she was connected with the famous cross-eyed pegasus. She is depicted as a lovely child who really loves her mother, and who does anything to help her (mostly because she is a lot clumsy).
Sparkler, despite being present in the first season, didn't become a really liked character until the season 2. In the episode "Sisterhooves Social", she is seen as Dinky's sister, so the fanbase automatically depicted her as the first Derpy's daughter. Her popularity also grown some time later in the episode "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well", where she has a talking role.

Pokey Pierce

A blue unicorn who appears in one scene in episode 12 and who has an affinity for poking things with his horn. Pokey is occasionally depicted as The Great and Powerful Trixie's brother.


A tennis playing pony with very impressive facial hair, who appears in episode 12 when Apple Bloom hits an apple with his tennis racket. His appearance is based on that of tennis player Andre Agassi. According to his designer, he is the fourth best tennis player in Equestria, and his cutie mark is tennis balls. He returns in season 2 "Luna Eclipsed" episode.

Daisy, Lily and Roseluck

Daisy, Lily and Roseluck are the three Flower Ponies. They have flowers as cutie marks, they are easily frightened and they can be seen, usually, together. Daisy runs an herb shop (as it can be seen on episode 9 "Briddle Gossip"), Lily is better known for her phrase "the horror, the horror" from the episode Briddle Gossip. Roseluck is based on G3 pony Desert Rose and is often used fan-art. They return together in season 2, episode 6 "The Cutie Pox".

Aloe and Lotus

Twin ponies who run the local spa and appear together in episode 20. They usually appear in fan works that take place in the spa, either as secondary characters or as the protagonists.


Screwball is a mysterious pony who first appears in the show when Discord ruled Ponyville in Season 2 Episode 2. Nothing is known about her, except the fact she is insane and she is a good friend of Derpy, who does some random stuff with her. For some, she is a creation of Discord, who for obscure reasons stays even after Discord has been defeated ; for others, she is a regular citizen of Ponyville, a close parent of Diamond Tiara (who share the same color palette) ; others also think she was a simple mare who went mad when Discord brought chaos, but who turns back normal as the rest of Ponyville. Her cutie mark is a screw and a baseball, which is a reference to the old Looney Toons show: it was used when a protagonist wanted to discretly say to the audiance that an other character was crazy.

Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis is an originally unnamed supporting character from the episode "Sweet and Elite" who is manifestly Fancy Pants' girlfriend/wife. This white and pink unicorn has a very specific design, similar to the two alicorn princesses, and three fleurs-de-lis as cutie mark. Because of her beauty, she is shown by the MLP community as a model.

Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich is an Earth Pony and Diamond Tiara's father and is seen in the episode Family Appreciation Day. His name is based on the phrase filthy rich, referring to someone very wealthy.

Jelly Pony

Jelly Pony a.k.a U Jelly Pony is a character that is horribly obsessed with tubs of jelly and was used in Season 2 Episode 17 "Hearts and Hooves Day" when the cutie mark crusaders were looking for a date for Ms.Cheerilee and has grown popular with the fanbase. He has been included in many comics and art.

Original Character Ponies

Friendship is Magic has an extensive fan community which has created a vast quantity of fan fiction. Quite commonly, fan fiction writers will include characters of their own creation in the stories, often as a way to introduce a new plot element or scenario that would not be feasible with the normal roster. a few well made or interesting OCs have spread through the Friendship is Magic community, becoming notable outside the confines of their own plots.


Nyx first appeared in the fan fiction "Creeping Darkness,"[6] in which she is the curse that turned Luna into Nightmare Moon embodied in a small child. She also appears in another fan fiction work "Past Sins"[3] written by the same author. The character's cuteness, along with the story's unusually high quality for a work of fan fiction, has prompted a great deal of fan art, and has made Nyx one of the most frequently fan-drawn characters in Friendship is Magic.


Littlepip is the protagonist in the fan fiction "Fallout Equestria", which takes place in a wasteland version of Equestria. Littlepip is good natured, driven by curiosity and a need to help. When she sees evil, she instinctively wants to fix it. She values life, but lives in a lawless world. This has compelled her to become judge, jury and executioner of those who prey on the innocent and helpless. In the story, she manages to establish herself at the head of a heterogeneous group of wasteland heroes, bent on bringing hope to a devastated Equestria while discovering the true values of friendship. Yet underneath the image of this Wasteland Heroine lies a fragile, self-conscious and uncertain pony.[7]

Littlepip is never given a physical description in the story, imitating the Fallout games where the player is free to customize their character. However, as artists began to create images of the characters, the image of Littlepip in an artwork by John Joseco soon became the template for her appearance (as seen in the image above).[8]

My Little Colt / Rule 63 Ponies

From left to right: Butterscotch, Rainbow Blitz, Applejack, Elusive, Bubble Berry and Dusk Shine.

The DeviantArt user Trotsworth[9] applied rule 63 to Fluttershy in a fanart named “Wrong Spell”, then he extended this to the entire main cast. His fanarts became very popular into bronies community, and others artists began to use his character design in there own fanarts. On Youtube, male bronies have also redone songs and scenes from the original show, using the names and arts created by Trotsworth.



Created by the artist Slugbox, Cteno is a pony of unusual design, consisting of a skeleton surrounded by a gel like material who is capable of reshaping the gel into various shapes and designs to change her appearance. She first appeared in a post on his pony focused blog, Slugbox Ponies, claiming to have been made by Slugbox in a microwave[14]. With a tendency to have her body fall apart or get damaged in some way, Cteno has had a sizable amount of fanart and fanpieces made of her, including a custom figurine[19], as well as making appearences in a number of popular Ask Blogs, such as Ask Velvet[15], Ask Surprise[16] and Ask Garbage Ponies[17], as well as having her own Ask Blog[18].

Others Ponies

The following characters are not really OC Ponys, but don't come from the actual show.

Lauren Faust the Alicorn

Fan blog Equestria Daily requested an interview with show creator Lauren faust. When she accepted the interview, she drew a sketch for the interview of an extremely busy and exhausted alicorn pony doing what seems to be general animation work (such as script writing and drawing) all at once. The drawing was posted along with the interview on Equestria Daily on Friday, September 16, 2011.[10]

The sketch grew in popularity and various artwork depicting her alicorn spread within the brony community. On Saturday September 17, 2011, Faust posted a journal update on her deviantART account about her interview. An additional note was added later concerning how to color the alicorn. From then on the suggested color scheme was implemented to all subsequent fan art.[11]

Within the fandom, fans have considered alicorn Original Characters and "ponysonas" (a brony term for "persona") as being Mary Sues and is frowned upon due to their god-like status and power within the show but since Lauren was the creator of the itself, they have considered her alicorn as the exception to the rule. Fanon revolving around the alicorn have also appeared describing her as the creator and queen of Equestria (which reflects Lauren as the creator of the show) and is the mother of Princess Celestia and Luna.


Originally a pony from the original G1 My Little Pony series, Surprise was intended to be one of the main cast of the G4 series, with the planned design sketch by Lauren Faust shown above. She was eventually scrapped in favor of adding another earth pony, Pinkie Pie, with Surprise's design being reworked into Pinkie's.

Although there was occasional fan-art using the concept design, the character received a significant boost in popularity after a Tumblr Ask blog, Ask Surprise[12], was started on Augest 29th 2011, created by Zach Morris aka Willdrawforfood1.[13]

Hasbro's Reaction

As with most of what the Friendship is Magic community has done, the fan made characters have been well received by Hasbro, which has at least twice publicly acknowledged several of the fandom's creations. The first time occured on May 27, 2011, when Hasbro released the "Equestria Girls" trailer:

The trailer mentions, near the end, the character DJ P0N-3 (pronouncing the 3 to emphasize the spelling), who had gone unnamed in her original release, and who only became notable after the fandom latched on to her.

The second instance occurred during the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, where hasbro sold this poster from their booth:


The image is a group shot of all the characters who have appeared in Friendship is Magic's Season 1, and includes several characters who had been without any characterization in the show itself, and who would likely not have appeared in the poster had the fandom not picked them up. The image includes popular characters such as Derpy, DJ P0N-3, Lyra, and "Doctor Whoof" – among several others, whilst also acknowledging ponies who are frequently coupled in fanfictions and fanart, such as Lyra and Bon Bon.

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