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Pony Reactions

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Pony Reactions are sprite images of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic making a variety of expressions. The reaction images began with "Shrugpony" based on the character Pinkie Pie and several other characters have been since adopted into the series. (See also: Why Wub Woo, Flutterrage and Fluttercry.)


DeviantArt user MegaSweet[1] posted the original pony shrug image on /co/ December 12, 2010, which was just days before he uploaded it to his DeviantArt account.[7] It was a simple outline drawing of Pinkie Pie titled "lol idunno." As the title suggests, the image is often used as a substitute for I dunno LOL.


Due to the template-like nature of the original Shrugpony, many artists used it to make other characters perform the shurg pose. YouTube user monketron[10] posted a video of the pony shrugs looping to the song "Call on Me" by Eric Prydz on April 2nd, 2011.

Now almost any character from the show can be found doing the shrug pose and derivatives can be found on sites like Equestria Daily[2] and Ponychan.[3]

Notable Derivatives

Pinkamina / Insane Pinkie Pie

On June 3, 2011, images began poping up on Ponychan[4] of different characters remixed in what is often referred to as the "Insane Pinkie Pie" pose. The face is most commonly used in references to the Cupcakes fanfic, but can sometimes found as a Disaster Girl derivative as well.

The image originates from Episode 25 of season 1, “Party of One”. Pinkie Pie becomes depressed because she thinks her friends don't like her anymore. She then throws a party for inanimate objects and displays various insanity tics during the party, including the "Insane Pinkie Pie".

Clapping Pony

A clapping pony image is often used as a signal of approval for another poster. This image originated from the clapping motion made by Twilight Sparkle in the episode "Look Before You Sleep"[2] at 4:50 mark.

A Derpy Hooves version can be found as a Ponychan[6] theme.

Oh You

An "Oh You" reaction image featuring a pony pointing to the right. These were originally created by Deviant Artist Starshinesprint[15] and uploaded to his Ponibooru account[16]. The first image was created using Fluttershy and uploaded on April 4, 2011.[17]


Disgusted Pony / "Ew X"

Disgusted Pony features a series of images with ponies looking to the side with a disgusted look on their face, commonly used as a reaction to another post. The origanal image was create by Deviantart user Megasweet[11] featuring Lyra, which was uploaded to Ponibooru on May 13, 2011.[12] A template was made by Deviantart user norithecat.[13] The images commonly feature a text balloon with "Ew X" in it, but this is also left out sometimes for matching purposes.


Crying Pony

Crying Pony features a series of images and gifs of filly versions of the ponies in a sad and crying position. It is commonly used as a reaction to something sad, cute or beautiful. It started with a four-part comic featuring filly Octavia, made by DeviantART user Dreatos.[8] The original appearance can be found in panel 14 of part 3 of the comics.

[Click image for higher resolution.]

Because of the popularity of the comic, fans soon cut out the original Octavia. However, the image didn't got popular untill DeviantART user Keanno[9] turned it into a gif. Keanno also made other versions based on the original Octavia gif. As the popularity of the gifs grew, other artist started creating their own versions of it, using other characters of the MLP cast and OC ponies.


In the first episode of season two (aired September 17, 2011) Applejack, known for her honesty, encounters Discord while searching through a hedge maze. Discord casts a spell on her which causes her to lie whenever she speaks. The spell also greys out her colour palette and gives her a scrunched-up face whenever she lies.

Fans have been using the face as an image macro and as a shorthand for dishonesty, in much the same way as the I Lied rageface. The face has also been popular in fanart and other similar works.


Other Pony Reactions

Popular Reaction Faces have also found their way into the MLP fandom. These reaction faces vary between screencaps and ponified memes, to completely orginal creations. A popular place to find these is the website MyLittleFaceWhen.[14]


Computer Reactions

Various Computer Reaction Faces can also be found amongst Pony Reaction Faces.

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