Actor Chris Pratt next to an image of Garfield in reference to his new role as the character in an upcoming film.

Chris Pratt Garfield

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Chris Pratt Garfield refers to the November 2021 announcement that actor Chris Pratt will voice Garfield in an upcoming animated Garfield movie from Sony Pictures. The report came shortly after Pratt was announced as the voice of Mario in an upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, which sparked reactions and memes from people calling Pratt an odd choice for the character and painting him as "Hollywood's go-to choice for a leading actor" despite the role. The Garfield announcement inspired similar reactions as people were unable to imagine Pratt as Garfield and compared the strange casting to that of the Mario movie.


On November 1st, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter[1] published an exclusive report that Chris Pratt had been cast as the lead role of Garfield in an upcoming animated Garfield movie from Alcon Entertainment and Sony Pictures. Additionally, the article claims the film is written by Finding Nemo writer David Reynolds and directed by Chicken Little's Mark Dindal, a duo that previously worked on The Emperor's New Groove. A release date has not been announced. An image of Pratt next to Garfield with his arms crossed was used as the article header (shown below), later appearing in memes and parodies.


People across social media platforms reacted to the announcement with disbelief and humor as it drew immediate comparisons to Pratt's seemingly odd casting as the voice of Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film. For example, on November 1st, Instagram[2] meme page cyph6n posted a video showing the headline followed by a clip of Jesse from Breaking Bad yelling "He Can't Keep Getting Away With It" garnering over 58,000 views in a day (shown below). It was also reposted by Instagram[3] page pampam.mp4 that day, gaining over 139,000 views and 36,000 likes in 14 hours.

Before the announcement, on October 28th, 2021, YouTuber[13] JacksFilms made a video titled "We fixed the worst Garfield comic (YIAY #591)" where he jokes that Chris Pratt should voice Garfield (shown below). Following the announcement, JacksFilms posted a video to YouTube[14] showing the clip titled "dude i was kidding" adding a version of the Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme to the end.

Twitter[4] user @draculavoice posted a meme imagining an apocalypse where Pratt voice-acting roles are announced with increasing frequency, gaining over 4,900 likes and 1,200 retweets in a day (shown below, left). Twitter[5] user @PyonSukis posted a drawing of Garfield with a Mario costume on, referencing both voice roles, gaining over 1,600 likes and 300 retweets in 14 hours (shown below, right).

transfeminine frankenstein ... @draculavoice In the beginning, animated movies starring Chris Pratt were spaced by 24 weeks, then 12, then six, then every two weeks. The last one, with Garfield, was a week. In four days, we could be seeing new casting announcements every eight hours, until they're coming every four minutes. @PyonSuki

Twitter[9] user @TheNCSmaster posted, "Chris Pratt won't be stopped till he voices every classic fictional character," along with a photoshopped image of Pratt with the Infinity Gauntlet, each gem replaced by a character's head, gaining over 5,600 likes in a day (shown below).

Instagram[6] meme page salad.snake posted a photoshop of the Chris Pratt Mario announcement banner with "Garfield" replacing "Mario," gaining over 19,900 likes in under a day (shown below, left). Instagram[7] meme page boomer.jim posted a Garfield meme using the image from The Hollywood Reporter story showing Garfield smoking a doobie and ironically criticizing people who use pronouns, captioned "Chris Pratt Garfield be like," gaining over 22,700 likes in nine hours (shown below, right).


Twitter[10] user @bransonreese tweeted, "I think Chris Pratt is probably in psychic agony at all times but cannot express it. Just a vibe I pick up. I actually think this will aid him as Garfield," gaining over 2,900 likes in a day. Twitter[8] user @memeulous posted saying they "robbed" him of the chance to star in the film along with an audio audition for Garfield, reading in a thick English accent unlike Garfield "I fucking love lasagna," gaining over 3,300 likes in a day (shown below).

YouTuber[12] Parker Simmons Animation posted an animated video where Garfield says he won't replace his iconic voice, then money is offered and Chris Pratt takes on the role, gaining over 5,000 views in a day (shown below).

On November 2nd, YouTube[11] channel Hololive EN Clips posted a clip of VTuber Takanashi Kiara reacting to the news, joking "why does Chris Pratt get to do everything" and that he'll likely voice her if she ever gets a show, gaining over 14,000 views in 10 hours (shown below).

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people are saying they need to hire actual professional voice actors instead of Chris Pratt for everything but at this rate Chris Pratt WILL become that professional voice actor after all these castings and the experience he gets, dude's legitimately getting his Tara Strong arc with all these roles he's signing up for


I don't know if Chris Pratt is either hiding an extremely remarkably ranged voice back that only Hollywood execs have heard so far or if Hollywood is just so soulless and dead inside that they'd rather cast a guy based entirely on the fact that he's been the face of some big blockbusters instead of someone who would be better suited for the role (Hollywood would surely never do that right?) but how does he get cast as Mario…..AND Garfield AKA two voices that no one can even imagine him as?

I imagine the rest of the Garfield cast will consist of people who everyone goes "Oh shit, that's amazing!" like the Mario Bros cast.


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