Drop the X It's Cleaner meme depicting justin timberlake from the social network.

Drop the X. It's Cleaner

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Drop the X. It's Cleaner is an exploitable meme and phrasal template that typically features a screen capture of Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake) from the 2010 biographical drama film The Social Network. Memes using the format typically substitute "X" with various words or letters to drop from a variety of names or expressions that arguably sound better or make something more impressive, among other uses.


On October 1st, 2010, the The Social Network, a dramatization of the founding of the social media platform Facebook, was released in theaters. In the film, Parker tells Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) to "drop the 'the.' It's cleaner," when referring to Facebook. The scene was uploaded on April 14th, 2017, by the YouTube channel "Movieclips"[1] at the 2:56 timestamp (seen below).

The earliest known use of a screengrab from the scene in conjunction with the phrasal template, "Drop the X, it's cleaner," was a July 15th, 2015, post by the Instagram[2] page @libertymadison, which gathered over 30 likes in seven years (seen below, left). The earliest known notable use of the phrase and image was a March 14th, 2019, tweet by @ben_rosen,[3] which read, "drop the o. just beto rourke. it's cleaner," and gathered over 900 likes in three years (seen below, right).

Drop The THE JUST @libertycleanse it's CLEANER Ben Rosen @ben_rosen drop the o. just beto rourke. it's cleaner 1:02 PM. Mar 14, 2019 60 Retweets 4 Quotes 931 Likes ...


On February 10th, 2021, the Instagram[7] page @medschoolhq posted a meme using the phrasal template "drop the X, it's cleaner," in conjunction with an image of Justin Timberlake playing Sean Parker, gathering over 3,000 likes in two years (seen below, left). On October 4th, 2021, the Instagram[8] page @somemorenews posted a similar meme, gathering over 1,300 likes in a year (seen below, right).

Me when I get accepted to med school DROP THE "PRE? HEADQUARTERS GUIDING YOU ON YOUR PATH TO BECOMING A PHYSICIAN JUST "MED STUDENT." IT'S CLEANER. 思孚 和安 whole website Drop the Just nothing, it's cleaner.

On October 20th, 2021, Twitter[4] user @Atrioc posted a tweet that read, "drop the 'facebook' … it's cleaner," in response to Facebook's parent company changing its name to Meta, gathering over 3,000 likes in a year (seen below, left). On November 18th, 2021, Twitter[5] user @SotoP_23 posted a tweet using the image of Justin Timberlake and the phrasal template, saying, "Drop the 'Los Angeles of Anaheim.' Just 'Anaheim Angels.' It’s cleaner." The tweet gathered over 800 likes in a year (seen below, right).

Atrioc @Atrioc drop the "facebook" ... it's cleaner Reuters @Reuters. Oct 20, 2021 Social media giant Facebook plans to rebrand itself with a new name next week, according to a report reut.rs/3DRZ4VI 1:03 68.6K views 2:40 PM Oct 20, 2021 113 Retweets 3,459 Likes Soto @SotoP_23 Drop the "Los Angeles of Anaheim." Just "Anaheim Angels." It's cleaner. 12:34 PM . Nov 18, 2021 A 96 Retweets 6 Quotes 861 Likes

On February 20th, 2022, Twitter[6] user @FilmMomatic posted a tweet using the meme format, saying "Drop the 'the.' / Just TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. / It's cleaner," gathering over 1,800 likes in a year (seen below, left). On November 17th, 2022, Twitter[9] user @FrankTJMackay replied to a longer thread using the meme template, saying, "Hollywood Exec:- Drop the ‘of the Lambs,’ it’s cleaner," accumulating over 6,000 likes in three months (seen below, right).

Harris Dang aka Critic Name @FilmMomatic Drop the "the". Just TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. It's cleaner. 9:45 AM. Feb 20, 2022 126 Retweets 13 Quotes 1,845 Likes : ... Paul Duane @paulduanefilm. Nov 17, 2022 Scorsese was publicly interviewed in Dublin years ago by the late Michael Dwyer who asked him if he regretted turning down the oscar winning Silence Of The Lambs & he replied "if I'd directed it, it wouldn't have won any Oscars." People laughed & he said "No, I mean it. Because... t 1,457 ₁ 48 @Vikingbread · Nov 17, 2022 . 275 Replying to @paulduanefilm Then he went on to direct the prequel Silence, which was very good 17 8 ₁ 6 39.1K 10:52 AM. Nov 17, 2022 @FrankTJMackay Replying to @Vikingbread and @paulduanefilm Hollywood Exec:- "Drop the 'of the Lambs', it's cleaner" 39 Retweets 5 Quotes 6,301 Likes 2,090

Various Examples

essen @sbinslashessend Oh, and drop the "P". Just "Aella". It's cleaner 7:31 PM · Mar 17, 2023 25.7K Views ... cold @coldhealing 16h drop the gun. just let the hostages go and then we can make a deal. it's cleaner 2 12 3 101 7,222 ← ... Meesh Hell @waziot Aug 25, 2022 Just "SHulk". It's cleaner 97 t 50 2,371 3 اار D ↑ cold @coldhealing drop the "long", just "house". it's cleaner 3:26 PM. Feb 20, 2023 68.2K Views 14 Retweets 4 Quotes 595 Likes ... des @dotnetschizo drop the "open." just "ai." it's cleaner 8:29 PM. Feb 18, 2023 43.5K Views . 70 Retweets 5 Quotes 1,073 Likes ?????-?????- @deepfates Drop the Mr. Just Clean. It's cleaner 2:57 PM. Mar 19, 2023 4,011 Views a :

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