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Europeans vs. Romani People

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Europeans vs. Romani People refers to memes and discourse about the supposed cliche or tendency of European people to be bigoted towards ethnically Romani (sometimes called Roma or Gypsy) people. The jokes are often framed in a way that contrasts with European people's opinions on America and racism. While discussions about the tensions between European and Romani communities have been widely discussed on the internet, comparisons between European and American racism began to gain traction after 2020.


Romani people are a community of typically nomadic travelers that live in Europe and some parts of the Americas. The group descended from Indo-Aryans and reportedly spread from the Indian subcontinent to West Europe and beyond around the 14th century. Romani people are widely referred to as "Gypsies" in the English language, a term that is often used in a pejorative fashion. The first World Romani Congress in 1971 voted to reject the use of exonyms such as "Gypsy" due to its common use as a racial slur.[1]

A December 3rd, 2012, Redditor /u/davidreiss666 posted a study to /r/worldnews that discussed the likelihood of Romani people being genetic descendants of Dalits in India and received several comments from users discussing the supposed negative behaviors of Romani people in their communities.[2] A 2013 AskReddit thread posed the question of why Europeans "hate gypsies" so much and received various responses from people detailing the supposed behavior of Romani nomads in their communities.[3]

An October 10th, 2014, image posted to /r/polandball [4] depicted the idea of Europeans being "united" in their hatred for Romani people (seen below).

I hatings you! I hatings you more! Well I do hate Gypsy more... 00 Me too.


On May 30th, 2019, a meme discussing European and American prejudice was posted to /r/Polandball,[7] gathering over 3,600 likes in three years (seen below).

Goddamn it, I hate having to put up with you negros! 8 *** Excuse mich Amerika? How could you being so racist? Unlike YOU, we are be ENLIGHTENED in Europe! No matter be race, religion, or ethnic, all people ist be eq- nice try gypsy

Discussions and memes about European people's perceptions of Romani people continued to be contrasted with Europeans' perceptions of American racism during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. On March 8th, 2020, Redditor /u/hard_rain_falling posted a meme about the phenomenon to /r/politicalcompassmemes,[5] gathering over 2,600 upvotes in three years (seen below, left). On May 8th, Redditor /u/known-look posted another meme commenting on the issue to /r/politicalcompassmemes,[6] gathering over 2,000 upvotes in a similar timeframe (seen below, right).

Left Libertarian Left IN her There are two things I can't stand in this world: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures... INDONE Authoritarian Right Economic CO And Gypsies! b Economic- Left Authoritarian Europeans talking about American rascism Libertarian Europeans talking about gypsies Economic- Right

A March 4th, 2023, post by /u/Bilbo238 to /r/clevercomebacks contrasted a person's justifications for their negative perception of Romani people with another user asking which chapter of Mein Kampf the paragraph was lifted from. The post gathered over 29,000 upvotes in a month (seen below).

29.5k Totally not racist. Submitted 1 month ago by Bilbo238 6757 comments share save hide give award report crosspost hide all child comments Dave78905 2 points 20 minutes ago Don't you wonder why Europeans that speak around 30 different languages, dozens of different cultures and if you put some of those cultures together blood will be shed all collectively hate Gypsies? Americans can't imagine Gypsies since they haven't experienced them. Even the worst trailer trash cousin fuckers are leagues ahead of a common Gypsie. I try to keep it short. Imagine a group of people that refuse to participate in society, solely living off social benefits, and committing crimes, isolated in their little communities, speaking their own language, children don't even go to school, it's like they are stuck in the year 1500 nomadic type shit. Everyone that isn't them is considered a sucker and deserves to get robbed. They have their own society within a society. Even considering getting a job or an education will get you shunned. And once they are done tainting a place with their filth they will simply pack their stolen shit and move on to a new place. Their entire fucking culture is about fucking over everyone that isn't them. Just look around reddit and see experiences we had with gypsies, look up some documentaries, and maybe you will understand. thagoyimknow 1 point 9 minutes ago Which chapter of mein kampf is this?

Various Examples

BLM I LOVE DIVERSITY! Gypsies. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT I DON'T LIKE? GAN IZN HE A! Live news EU parliament declares 'Black Lives Matter' f Issued on: 20/06/2020-01:00 Modified: 20/06/2020-00:58 What about gypsy lives? 11 Europeans talking about American Racial tensions Europeans talking about Romani people * S Europeans when you mention Gypsies: %23 narancia gaming @naranciagaming europeans when making fun of racist americans vs europeans when someone mentions romani ppl eft Authoritarian Libertarian 1:22 AM Jun 18, 2020 Rig Authoritarian Libertarian Right 10.7K Retweets 585 Quotes 62.7K Likes 1,329 Bookmarks ●●● Europeans making fun of Americans for being racist Europeans when they see a Romani person

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Racism differs depending on cultural context. I don't think Europeans or Americans are "more racist" or "less racist" than the other, they're just differently racist in accordance with their history and the ethnic groups in their own geographic areas.


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