Ash's Kalos League Final Battle

Ash's Kalos League Final Battle

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Editor's Note: This entry contains spoilers for the Pokémon anime series.


Ash's Kalos League Final Battle was a pivotal Pokémon battle between Ash Ketchum, the main protagonist of the anime series, and Alain, a major recurring character, in the 925th episode of Pokémon: XY&Z. Upon its airing in August 2016, the episode was met with many fan reactions at the outcome of the highly anticipated final match.


The event was notable in spite of having occurred many times previously in the series because of several breaks in the usual formula. This time around, Ash reached the final of the tournament, which had not occurred prior to the "XY&Z" arc of the series. He had a more typically "powerful" team featuring popular Pokémon from the recent games, and a member of his team, Greninja, gained a special form. Additionally, many other previous series traditions had been broken this time, and the next games in the video game franchise on which the series is loosely based, Sun and Moon, will not feature a typical Pokémon league. This led many fans to speculate that Ash would finally achieve his goal of winning the Pokémon league before the series moves on to follow the next set of games.[11]

The series built towards the league tournament's climax which would be resolved in the 131st episode (of the XY series only). The Japanese episode title for this episode was revealed ahead of its airing as "Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!" which fueled speculation yet further due to use of the word "victory" and the allusion to the fact that thus far, this is Ash's greatest progress in the league tournament. Ash was set up to meet new character Alain, popular in his own right for being a different kind of character to the more typically "shonen hero" style of character in Ash, in the final round.

Notable Developments

The episode aired on the Japanese network TV Tokyo on August 18th, 2016. Bulbapedia summarised the events of the episode on their website, referring to the episode as "XY131" in accordance with their reference system, noting first and foremost:[1]

The Full Battle between Ash and Alain ends in Alain's victory, making him the winner of the Lumiose Conference and Pokémon Champion.

The episode received negative reactions across Pokémon-related fan sites, including r/Pokemon,[2] where one user decried the writing:

Ash is probably the only main character that will never win because of motherfucking plot armor

The comment received around 600 upvotes within 10 hours. Further discussion was seen in their later "Anime Discussion Thread".[3]

Discussion on popular Pokémon fansite featured a thread querying the reaction of Japanese fans compared with Western fans. Many repliers agreed that reaction was negative on both sides of the world, although the reactions could be difficult to gauge as the video was not region-blocked.[4] Fans also discussed the episode on popular competitive battling site Smogon, where reactions were generally mixed. Some viewers were more forgiving of the decision than others.[5]

Promotional videos for the episode on YouTube garnered a high ratio of "dislikes" on the Japanese web. One video managed to gain over 18,000 dislikes compared to a measly 400 likes.[6]

Reactions on Twitter were mixed, and saw much discussion under the hashtags #KalosLeagueFinals,[7] #PokemonXYZ,[8] and #anipoke.[9]

Cedric @InTheCubeBox Follow They made a trailer all about Greninja and a tease of the Kalos League with that new shuriken.. All for f------ nothing! #PokemonXYZ 7:40 AM -18 Aug 2016 Dom I Nerf This! Follow し@Dominic。NPC For F--- sake Ash, you were so close what is wrong with you #anipoke 7:27 AM-18 Aug 2016

4chan's dedicated Pokémon board, /vp/,[10] also reacted strongly with a mix of negativity but also the usual trolling and shitposting.

GUYS TWO NEWW EEVEE EVOS GOT HE F------ LOST when has destructo disc EVER worked R: 0 ALAINFAG VICTORY THREAD How hard did Ash get BTFO? R: 0 ANYONE ELSE HAPPY ASH LOST? POST IN HERE AND LAUGH! Ash deserved to lose for using a digimonfrog, an ugly slime dragon and his f------ Pikachu. HE DIDNT DESERVE TO WIN. YOU DONT GET Ash lost the League again Ashie boy lost AGAIN WHEN WILL YOU F------ LEARN ITS R: 89/l: 35 Nuzlocke/Nuzgen POST YOUR PROGRESS OR START A NEW RUN OLD THREAD: >>27842811 R: 121/ 17 >you lived to see Ash win the league R: 49/l: 29 Pokewaifu thread R: 5 JUST REMEMBER, KIDS NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY NO MATTER HOW PERSISTENT YOU ARE NO MATTER HIW MUCH WORK YOU PUT IN YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED R: 0 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH R: 156 /I: 6 Injection Request General: Hey everyone new injectfag here ready to take requests, using the same format as the anon from the previous thread. Pkmn (M/F) (+-) Nickname?: OT Name R: 0 Can we get back to posting fake SuMo leaks now that Ass lost?: Please. Dont give a >>2781 3422 → # pre-patched romhacks start up a rom of your choice (or legit game if you're that guy) and start s--- about the ani me AHAH HOW COULD YOU BE THIS F------ STUPID DID YOU Gimme some SuMo goodness. Tell me anything. LIE TO ME
Some /vp/ reactions to the episode as seen on August 18 2016.


so excited gonna start a fire with these flammable objects for my campfire! LIVE reakvourow BREAKING NEWS LOCAL BOY LOSES LEAGUE AGAIN 8:23 THIS HAS LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE' SAYS FANS/USING CUT MAY NOT BE Nintendo 0 Alain Senpai will win now that it's established he's fighting for me LIVE BREAKING NEWS LOCAL TRAINER RUINS POKEMON 11:08 "SEE YOU IN ALOLA!", SAYS TRAINER, ABANDONING GRENINJA FOR POPPLIO. TVTOKYO TOiryo

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