iPad Gym Bully

iPad Gym Bully

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The iPad Gym Bully is an Australian man who took a photograph of a skinnier man lifting weights at the gym and uploaded it to Facebook in an attempt to publicly shame him for his slender physique. After a screenshot of his Facebook post began circulating on Reddit and 4chan's fitness forums, the man was eventually doxed and banned from the gym where the photos were taken.


On July 24th, 2013, an unidentified man shared a photo of a skinny man weightlifting at the gym in a Facebook post titled “Awkward Kunts at YOUR Local Gym,” describing the lifter as “the Amazing Chicken Man" while mocking his physique and choice of equipment. In the background of the photo, the photographer can be seen holding an iPad while sitting on a piece of fitness equipment. Approximately 20 minutes after the status update, a screenshot of the original Facebook post was shared on /r/rage[1], where it received more than 135,000 views in 48 hours.

20 minutes ago via Mobile near Margate, Queensland Awkward Kunts at YOUR Local Gym: A Series of Here we see the Amazing Chicken Man. His 296 bodyfat is admired by bodybuilders and bulimic teenage girls alike. Unfortunately, he can't tell where his elbow joint ends and his bicep begins. He one day aspires to out-bech the other dudes at the gym, but unfortunately, he can't lift the bar yet - let alone the weights. Like Comment Unfollow Post Share Hahaha ectophaggot/10 19 minutes ago Like We need to bring back Albaturex so guys like this have a chance. You should have seen him straining with it, too geneticotterylost 18 minutes ago via mobile Like Bro if this kid took albuterex he would fat burn into nothingness. 0% bodyfat, well yeah I guess you could call him a bitch but this bitch can eat anything he wants and never get fat haha he needs hgh asap tho 16 minutes ago Like You should never put down anyone who tries when it comes to things like that, he probably worked up a lot of balls to go down to the gym. You and everyone else looking to better themselves was at one point 'starting ouť' and its never easy 11 minutes ago Like 3 -Nah our first lift was 200 kilo bench brah 10 minutes ago Like say's the faggot who takes an ipad to the gym about a minute ago . Like Write a comment, ...

Notable Developments

Online Reaction

As the screenshot continued to gain momentum on Reddit, the post[2] was eventually shut down by the moderators after some commenters began seeking the photographer's personal information to trace his identity. The screenshot was then cross-posted to /r/Fitness[3], where it gained more than 8,900 upvotes, 3,100 points overall and 1,700 comments in 48 hours. When the story reached 4chan's /fit/ (Health & Fitness) board[7] as well as other message boards on IGN[4], Kanye To The[5], Bodybuilding.com,[6] many members of the forums similarly demanded his personal information to be doxxed.

Anonymous Wed Jul 24 12:01:05 2013 No.21520476 [Replyl [Original Quoted by: >>21520543 >>21520585 >>21520625 >>21520673 >>21520701>>21520953 >>21521009 >>21521848>>21523525 >21523913 >>21524386 >>21524975 >>21525777 >>21526656 >>21528830 >>21529315 >>21530063 Who's more of the douche here, /fit/? Quoted by: >>21520551 it's either you for posting this shit or me for replying to your shitty thread Anonymous Wed Jul 24 12:03:05 2013 No.21520518 Faggot who took the photo Anonymous Wed Jul 24 12:04:45 2013 No.21520531 faggot probably lifted less when he started out

Photographer Banned From Gym

By the morning of July 25th, a poster on /r/Rage[8] shared screenshots of status updates from the photographer’s Facebook page wherein he revealed that he had been banned from every location of the chain gym. In the post, he acknowledged that posting the photo was “a dick move,” but argued that had someone taken his photo and made fun of him for being "fat," the photographer would not have received the same amount of backlash.

No shit, it was a massive dick move but I accepted that after the guy who owns the gym told me this sort of thing is a serious issue and not only hinders the positive development of certain people but also harms the whole industry. Because if people don't turn up because of other people being dicks, no profits roll in and the whole thing goes under At the same time, though, I have this nagging voice saying "Toughen the fuck up," because I get called out on being fat on a daily basis, and it just makes me want to work harder so I can eventually tell everyone who doubted me to eat shit. about an hour ago via mobile Like f the skinny dude had taken a photo of me, the whole Internet would have been like, Well, he's fat, it's his own fault, maybe this will motivate him to work harder," about an hour ago via mobile Like Don't get me wrong, anybody that calls you out on being fat inside a gym is also a dick. Commenting negatively on things other than people's ego in a gym is wrong in general about an hour ago Like For some reason people think fat people sweating their arses off running ona eadmill is hilarious but if you pick on a skinny dude for his lack of weights, it's a goddamn hate crime. about an hour ago via mobile Like
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This screenshot, along with a handful of other Facebook posts from the photographer, subsequently were shared on /r/JusticePorn[9] with the title "#JusticeForCurlBro," where they gained more than 6,100 upvotes and 1,700 points overall. That day, the story was featured on a number of news sites and internet culture blogs including the Daily Dot[10], BetaBeat[11], Bro Bible[12], HappyPlace[13] and Gawker.[14]

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Salem Saberhagen
Salem Saberhagen

I don't think the iPad Gym Bully fully understands what just happened. He's a bully. He got what he deserved. We are happy because that rarely happens.

Since he doesn't seem to understand this, he is probably going to continue being a bully. He honestly thinks that people are standing up for him because he is skinny. He thinks people wouldn't be concerned if it was a fat person being bullied.

Whether the person being bullied is harassed because they are skinny, fat, et cetera, isn't what matters. What does matter is the guy with the iPad is an asshole and needs to be taught a lesson. The harder that lesson hits him on the head, the better.

People like to call it internet justice, I say it is more like instant karma.


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