iPad Spoofing

iPad Spoofing

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When the Keynote of Apple came to 4Chan, everyone on /v/ started talking about the iPad and why it is good and why it is crap. The first spoof image was this:

Various pictures are spreading right now, so put some images in the Add Photo thing and I will put it up here.


Store Mac iPod +iTunes iPhone Downloads Support iPad FeaturesDesign App Store Gallery Tech SpecsPricing Nocily Me iPad The ultimate all-in-one pad from Apple. With a new thick bezel that actually pulls moisture away from you Watch the Keynote Watch the video

IPad My Wallet

iLion Pad!:

What the iPad basically is:

Yes, I double posted.

A false memo on the iPad:

iPad vs, Rock vs, iPod touch After years and years of speculation, frothy-mouthed Apple fanboys eagerly participating in circle-jerks of rumors over supposedly leaked specs and photographs, Apple have finally unveiled their so-called Apple tablet; the iPad, but contrary to rumors of OSX on a tablet, it's essentially a big iPod touch Feature iPad Rock iPod touch Make phone calls Take Photos Record Videos Widescreen Multitasking Desktop OS Expandable storage Send/Receive SMS High Definition Upgradeable Physical/Input feedback Ultra Portable Handwriting recog DRM restrictions Flash web browsing Touch Screen Price $499usD Free $199uso A main problem with the iPad is Apple have cut corners by adapting the iPhone operating system for the iPad. The iPhone OS was elegant when it was first released, but nowadays is dated with a distinct lack of multitasking In all essential particulars, the iPad is an enlarged iPod touch. Steve Jobs took aim at Netbooks for not 'doing anything better than regular laptops, just being smaller, weaker, and cheaper, yet he fails to acknowledge that netbooks are actually cheaper than the iPad and users will have access to a fully-fledged operating system, even OSX, and users have a full desktop experience with flash, multitasking, and even expandable storage solutions


As the iPad rumor spread, people started to make remarks or reviews on the iPad like:

Anonymous 01/28/10(Thu)18:45 No.7932602 [Reply]

I have several decisions to make, here goes:

>get a lenovo skylight when they come out, remotely connect to my desktop through 3G network
>get a ipad when out, remotely connect through 3G; more work since I have to hack the piece of shit iphone OS (I'd get a joojoo since it's the same exact thing but bigger which is better, but it's not connected to 3G sadly)
>shoot up my local mall with an ak then kill myself for mentioning the ipad
>/g/ miraculously recommends me a better alternative. I need a mobile computer that has 8 hr+ battery life, connection citywide (NOT WI-FI), and under $3000

A newscast on 4Chan about the iPad:

>Many people will bemoan the lack of Flash in the iPad. It wasn't mentioned, but eagle-eyed viewers would have seen the missing plugin icon on the New York Times site during yesterday's demo, and given that Apple clearly hates Flash as both a non-open web "standard" and as a buggy, CPU-hungry piece of code, it's unlikely it will ever be added, unless Apple decides it wants to cut the battery life down to two hours.

>Who needs Flash, anyway? YouTube and Vimeo have both switched to H.264 for video streaming (in Chrome and Safari, at least -- Firefox doesn't support it), and the rest of the world of Flash is painful to use.

>In fact, we think the lack of Flash in the iPad will be the thing that finally kills Flash itself. If the iPad is as popular as the iPhone and iPod Touch, Flash-capable browsers will eventually be in the minority.

iPad Spam rage:

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