An image of the Mexico UFO Alien Body unveiled during the congressional Hearing.

Mexican Alien Bodies

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Mexican Alien Bodies or Mexico Alien Corpses refers to the Mexican Congress holding a hearing on September 12th, 2023, during which supposed "non-human" alien corpses were displayed to Mexican politicians. The event was reportedly led by Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan, who testified under oath to say that the two alien corpses retrieved were not part of "our terrestrial evolution." Following the congressional hearing, news of the purported aliens presented by Maussan became prominent topics of discourse and memes online. The event notably came a month after David Grusch testified to the U.S. Congress about UAPs.


On September 12th, 2023, Mexican journalist and "ufologist" Jaime Maussan testified under oath and presented two purported "non-human" "alien corpses" to the Mexican Congress. The public hearing began with Maussan showing several videos of UFOs or UAPs, with Ryan Graves (a former Navy pilot who testified to the U.S. Congress alongside David Grusch) also making an appearance to testify.

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Maussan reportedly showed the alien corpses retrieved from Cusco, Peru, saying, "These specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution… These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilized." Various experts were called to provide more information about the "alien" bodies, with one showing X-ray scans to indicate that one body has "eggs" inside it.[1]

The event was livestreamed on Maussan's YouTube[2] channel on September 12th, where it gathered over 159,000 views in a day (seen below).


The congressional hearing on September 12th, 2023, quickly became a widely discussed topic online as news coverage surrounding the story spread on social media and garnered numerous reactions.[7]

For example, on September 12th, Redditor[3] /u/Flimsy-Union1524 posted a link to Maussan's YouTube livestream to the /r/UFOs subreddit, gathering over 1,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours. The post received a comment reply from /u/nerd-nihl[4] with a recap and translation of what transpired at the hearing (transcript of the comment shown below).

Quick recap: (not so quick anymore)

Jaime Maussan talks about the phenomenon in general.

A video was shown of 12 UAPs recorded by the mexican army.

The director of the Institute for Information Access talks about the willingness of the mexican public institutions to provide free access to UAP related information that has been obtained by our government. (What is not mentioned is possible classifications by the army to prevent information access similar to the US).

Avi Loeb speaks about finding meteorite remains with an alloy not naturally available in the solar system.

Ryan Graves gives the account that we know about.

Robert Salas talks about the 1967 disarming of 10 nuclear warheads in Montana, that I'm sure has been shared before. Something interesting he said was about the disarming of a warhead in space.

Captain Julio talked about his experiences as pilot and his observations of the sky. Just reiterated the need to keep an open mind.

Enrique Kolbeck, air traffic controler with 48 years of experience is now talking about what he and colleagues have seen.

I will expound on it as I am listening to it right now.

Kolbeck: "The UAPs completely ignores and disregard aeronautic operations and routes. Which represents a threat to commercial flights.

It navigates swiftly and with great speed.

It violates international aeronautic and military law, and compromises our airspace and the security of our nation.

I will cite 4 examples.

The mazatlan case ocurred on nov 19 1975 3 airships were intercepted by an object that were obligated to descend in mazatlan because of the presence and closeness of the object. So close it accompanied all the way almost to landing. Which was blatant and obvious.

Of my own experience, in Aeromexico in 1994 a flight under my control passed through my radar and 2 objects got close to the flight we were monitoring. We didn't give it much thought. Then we received reports that the flight had been damaged in the landing gear. Witnesses said there was a UAP hovering over Mexico City WTC building that flights were flying too close to it and the accident happened.

Another incident a 727 aircraft realized there were objects with metallic appearance going up and down which prevented liftoff. People saw the objects and were reported. It caused a major issue as it prevented 15 minutes an aircraft to fly. Which is a federal crime.

Another incident was in Campeche from Mexican Air Force that was doing a recognition mission with infrared radar. It is the initial video with the 12 UAPs.

A video was shown of a UAP flying by dangerously close to a commercial flight.

He emphasizes the need to take the matter seriously as it pertains to safety."

Argentinian Andrea Perez, Director of the UAP study commission of the country, expounds on the need to take the matter seriously as it pertains to everybody's safety. She accounts an incident where a UAP obligated a pilot to perform a very dangerous evasive maneuver.

Yoshikaru Asakawa greets attendants and thanks people. (I know a bit of Japanese but they just stopped because no one is translating… Still no translator, okay now. Lol). He has been talking to the Japanese congress about the need for his government to investigate the issue as it pertains to national security. NASA has visited the congress too to talk about it. He shares an experience when he was in high school about a colorful object in the sky that was hovering and then separated in 4, flying in different directions at high speed. It was not a normal craft, and not the sun. He expounds on his perspective that the UAP phenomenon could be evidence from other life forms from outer space. While he cannot speak openly in congress in Japan about it, he has been motivated by the recent US hearing and would like for Japan to be open to take the matter seriously.

(My own thoughts, this is just a consequence of the way japanese society works, a lot of social pressure and shunning, he wants his government to start taking it seriously)

He says Japan does not take it seriously even though there is a lot of sightings in his country. Pilots that have shared their experiences have even been punished for it in Japan. He himself has been ostracized for it.

(In sumary, he is taking the forum as an opportunity to help Japan open to the idea of start to talk about the issue and for collaboration on the matter as it pertains to national security)

Rony Tadeu talks about the history of UAPs in brazil, and the hearings there. Which I am sure better info can be accessed from the transcripts of the hearing in question. Just notably there was an operation closed in 1977 that was documenting the phenomena, replaced by a secret operation.

Something relevant from it is he urges Mexico to create a military-civil commission to investigate this matter.

(Something about his speech does make me think why is it that Brazil has more violent encounters or latam in general, what if the US has been collaborating with NHI to allow them to do more violent work in developing nations. Just a thought into the air).

French citizen Michael Vaillant from the GEIPAN shares his experience working in the investigative organization. (Better translator, I guess french is easier to translate to Spanish). He's no longer in the organization since 2022. He wants to help reduce stigma on the subject. Typically when we see things that escape our comprehension, to avoid stigma, it is important to provide structure and understanding in a scientific way. There is investigative processes and research processes that can allow to shed light of the phenomenon. An investigator must be impartial in his work. The scientific work with regards to UAP must be broadened and integrated across the world, it currently does not exist. I urge nations and organizations to create a collective for the investigation of UAP following ISO standards that allows for a systemic study of UAP. The GEIPAN has a database of phenomenons available but there is not many organizations using it for research. It is important to create a new kind of science, a science for the unknown, that focuses on investigating and researching in multiple disciplines to understand these phenomenons comprehensively, across individuals, nations, scientists and communities. In summary, he proposes an open, international and scientific, investigative and researching approach to the matter. (Curious about the database he speaks about, can anyone look into that?)

Note: My apologies on behalf of the mexican citizens for the technical inexperience of the broadcast and the not so skilled translators. As I mentioned in other comment, this is a reflection of bad management in the government, not a reflection of the qualified pool of mexican nationals that I am sure were not given the chance to do these jobs.

Commend the government though, on the openness on the subject. Any conversation about it is good and helps keep momentum, and it might motivate more nations to start talking about it seriously.

On September 12th, 2023, X[5] user @iohmbra made a post that read, "Mexico is unboxing aliens 👽😂," gathering over 8,000 likes in a day (seen below).

Also on September 12th, X[6] user @thecaptain_nemo posted stills from the hearing with the caption, "wtf is going on in Mexico," gathering over 2,700 likes in a day (seen below).

@thecaptain_nemo w-- is going on in mexico En estos momentos: EN VIVO Nemo HIT THE LIKE BUTTON TO SUPPORT S CHAINEL Dput LIVE: LIKE En estos momentos: EN VIVO SUBSCRIBE SHARE 12 septiembre 2023 de Audiencia pública México Cámara Cámara de Diputados Audiencia pública México: Fen 12 septiembre 2023 Jois Mantilla Periodista e Investigador de Otromundo Comunicaciones . PARLAMENTO MANTRACT DOD INCURSIONANDO 8:57 AM . Sep 13, 2023 308.8K Views Audi En estos momentos: I LIKE SUBSCRIBE 12 septiembre 2023 SHARE Audiencia pública México: Fenómenos Ar Cámara de Audiencia pública México Diputados En estos momentos: cia pública México: Fenómenos Anómalos no Identificados. Congreso de Me EN VIVO ... TINTERO 12 septiembre 2023 Cámara José de Jesús Zalce Benítez Diputados Especialista en Ciencias Forenses de

On Reddit, numerous memes using the images of the alien bodies spread on the site over the following days. For example, on September 15th, Redditor u/xsnoopycakesx posted a meme example to the /r/dankmemes[8] subreddit, receiving over 180 upvotes in five days (seen below, left). Also that day, Redditor u/proofofmyexistence posted another about the corpses being made of cake to the /r/memes sub, receiving over 7,700 upvotes in a similar timeframe (seen below, right).

"I can't wait to work in the NICU with the cute little NICU babies!" The NICU babies: codebluememes LIVE GO AHEAD SKEPTICS BREAKING NEWS 'ALIEN' REVEALED AS CAKE Suspected Alien corpse turns out to be a Cake DEBUNK THIS

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