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Netflix Password Sharing Ban

Added about a year ago by Aidan Walker • Updated 6 months ago by Zach
Added about a year ago by Aidan Walker • Updated 6 months ago by Zach

Netflix quote, saying "Love is sharing a password."
Netflix quote, saying "Love is sharing a password."


Netflix Password Sharing Ban or Netflix Account Sharing Crackdown refers to a decision made by the streaming platform Netflix to forbid the sharing of passwords for one account across multiple devices and between various people. Previously, several different individuals could share the same Netflix account, even if they did not live together or known one another. In late 2022 after difficult financial quarters, Netflix announced that it would begin implementing restrictions on the practice of account sharing, with the company then rolling out new rules to crack down on the practice in early 2023 and instituting new restrictions about how, where and by whom an account could be accessed. These new rules inspired widespread backlash, controversy and memes protesting the change and mourning the old days of password sharing.


Password sharing was originally a key part of Netflix's pitch: by letting accounts pay by the screen and device, wherever those screens were, the company marketed its services to families that were spread out across the world. Netflix also enjoyed the pop-cultural clout of password sharing: people joked about keeping the passwords of their exes after the ends of relationships or using a password from a distant acquaintance they hardly knew.[1] In a 2017 tweet, Netflix itself seemed to reference this well-known custom (seen below).[6]

. Braindead Bird App @tragicbirdapp · Jan 16 damn you Netflix @netflix Replying to @netflix Love is sharing a password. 7:00 PM Mar 10, 2017 Twitter Web Client 1,040 Retweets 1,056 Quote Tweets 1,951 Likes Discussing Film @Discussing Film Dec 23 Netflix will end password sharing in early 2023, affecting 100M users. (Source: 213 NETFLIX 1 2,337 58.1K ₁2.5M ↑


In 2022, Netflix concluded that "widespread account sharing (100M+ households) undermines our long term ability to invest in and improve Netflix, as well as build our business."[2] Then, in a February 1st, 2023, decision, Netflix decided to put in place a new requirement: In order to stay connected to an account, a device had to verify it was in a "Netflix household." However, the means of this verification were unclear to many. In late January 2023, a since-deleted Netflix post said that devices had to log in from that account's home WiFi network at least once every 31 days, but as of February 2nd, the approach seemed to be a form of two-factor authentication using the home WiFi instead of device tracking.[5]

Online Reactions

The news caused a series of different reactions, largely negative. Some posters took the Netflix decision as evidence of capitalism's evils and criticized the company along those lines. For example, Twitter user @comicsexplained reposted a Reddit comment criticizing Netflix on February 1st, 2023, earning over 1,500 likes in one day (seen below, left).[3] Twitter user @bugsmaytrix (seen below, right) criticized the business decision as alienating Netflix's user base, earning over a quarter of a million likes in a day, also on February 1st.[4]

Fifty Shades of Whey @davenewworld_2 Cancel Netflix. They just lost my business. "Password-sharing" password-using. is not a thing, it's called This is regressive b------- borne out of capitalist greed to squeeze more money out of us. People paid for a password and they use it wherever they go. 12:03 AM. Feb 2, 2023 2.3M Views 7,176 Retweets 272 Quote Tweets 71.7K Likes Bugs Maytrix @bugsmaytrix (50% off) this is such a wild decision by Netflix Imao like, they're aware of long distance relationships, kids in college, and poor people right? With You? No, accounts are only meant to be used within one household. Netflix will prompt users who try to sign into your account elsewhere to sign up for their own account instead and block their access until they do. Netflix will NOT begin automatically charging from Blocking Your Devices? Signing into home Wi-Fi at least once every 31 days on your devices will make them "trusted devices," which Netflix will remember and leave unblocked. If your device has been blocked incorrectly, you'll need to contact Netflix in order to get it 1:37 PM. Feb 1, 2023 12.3M Views 25.4K Retweets 10.4K Quote Tweets Signing into Netflix outside of your home may lead to the device in use being blocked from Netflix. This could prevent you from signing into new devices while traveling, but Netflix has devised a workaround. Traveling users who want to use Netflix on a hotel smart TV, company laptop, etc. can request a temporary code from the service How Will Netflix Know if You're Not in Your Home/Primary Location? Netflix uses information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to determine whether a device signed into your account is connected at your primary location. 271.7K Likes :

Other posters brought up the now-infamous 2017 tweet by Netflix, which declared that "Love is sharing a Netflix password."[6] For example Twitter user @stovepost, in a January 31st, 2023, tweet, referenced the Netflix tweet and mocked it, receiving almost 1,300 likes in one day (seen below).[7]

Steve Posthumus @stovepost Never forget that @netflix purposefully supported password sharing for their growth. You are paying for a certain number of screens, it shouldn't matter where those screens are located. N 5:36 PM Jan 31, 2023 44.9K Views Love is sharing a password. - Netflix @netflix 270 Retweets 26 Quote Tweets 1,286 Likes : @MakeltAQuote

As the controversy surrounding the decision continued to spread online, many analyzed the news by saying that Netflix's latest policy meant that the platform had run out of ideas and failed to understand its audience. For example, TikToker christopherclaflin shared a video on February 2nd, which received almost 17,000 likes, criticizing the company.[8]

Many social media users also posted and made memes about turning to other options to watch their favorite content. In particular, some advocated for piracy (shown below, left) or stated that they would cancel their subscriptions, ditching Netflix for other streaming services. For example, Twitter user @BretterTogether shared a meme about embracing other streaming services on February 1st, earning almost 2,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).[9]

DiscussingFilm 4 Netflix's has introduced their anti- password sharing method: Once every 31 days, your device must log in on your home Wi-Fi network or your account will be blocked. We are Pirates! We don't even know what that means!!! bread lolly @Bretter Together HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Roku Channel when we all get booted off our family Netflix account 11:41 PM. Feb 1, 2023 52.5K Views : 140 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 1,232 Likes @FUESINCULPA

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