Fat Alf Kid

Fat Alf Kid

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Fat Alf Kid also known as Svenno or "I Fuck On The First Date" Kid refers to an image of radio DJ "Tiny," known as a host "The Marconi Show," as a child wearing an ALF t-shirt and holding a blue lunchbox. The image first became popular online in 2002 after being posted to suckiecentral.com and became the subject of photoshops, becoming significantly popular on the b3ta forums in 2003, nicknamed "Svenno." The most popular photoshop changes the shirt to read "I fuck on the first date."


The photograph of Fat ALF Kid is radio DJ "Tiny," a member of the radio show "The Marconi Show." It was posted to now-defunct website suckiecentral.com[2] in 2002 (earliest archive April 1st, 2002) and shows Tiny with an ALF shirt and a blue lunch box (shown below, left). Tiny uploaded the image to his Facebook[3] page in 2011 (photo of Tiny from 2011 shown below, right).



The earliest known photoshop was posted to Something Awful[1] on July 11th, 2002 showing him during The Last Supper (shown below). The post reveals that Fat ALF Kid was frequently photoshopped on the website, reading, "The short fat kid in the Alf shirt is a bit of a Photoshop celebrity around the SA Forums." Fat ALF Kid became the increased subject of photoshops and memes over the following years. The image became popular on the B3ta forums in 2003, where the image earned the nickname "Svenno."


One of the most popular photoshops shows Tiny with a shirt reading "I Fuck On The First Date" (shown below) although it is unknown who created the photoshop.


Various Examples

I F--- ON TH FIRST DATE 1 F--- ON TH FIRS DATE t.8s as 8St JJAW 8S.8S F--- ON TH FIRST DATE 16000 "Alf Kid" Error Level Analysis F--- ON TH FIRS DATE DI Copyright 2007 Hacker Factor 47 ALF AWESOME Once again, you will never be as awesome as this kid. DIYDESPAIR.COM

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[1] Something Awful – somethingawful


[3] Facebook – Tiny

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