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The Grimace Shake Trend, also known as the Grimace Shake Incident and Grimace Shake Death, refers to a series of parody horror videos that depict people dying or going insane after drinking the McDonald's Grimace Milkshake. The meme trend was started by TikToker @thefrazmaz in mid-June 2023 and went viral later that month, most notably on TikTok and Twitter where it inspired other videos of people dying after drinking the shake, as well as a fan art trend in which artists draw characters drinking the shake then dying.


On June 13th, 2023, TikToker[1] @thefrazmaz posted a video in which he takes a drink of the McDonald's Grimace Shake, a limited-time item in celebration of Grimace's birthday, then cuts to a scene of him lying on the floor dead with the purple drink around his mouth, garnering over 1.7 million views in two weeks (shown below).

@thefrazmaz R.I.P Grimace (and me) #mcdonalds #grimace #milkshake #grimaceshake #birthday #fakedeath #yummy ♬ Daylight

On June 25th, other TikTokers began to make similar videos. That day, TikToker[2] @reecenator661 posted a slideshow of various people acting dead after drinking the shake, calling it the "Grimace shake incident," garnering over 970,000 views in two days. Some of the highest-viewed examples of the trend uploaded that day include videos by TikTokers[3][4] @_loganross and @wheresxander, garnering over 6.5 million views and 5.9 million views, respectively, in two days (shown below, left and right),.

@_loganross @abby tried the grimac eshake too !! said it was not too very good, 4/10 because it at least taste dlike bluedberryβœŒοΈβ€ΌοΈ#fyp #grimaceshake ♬ original sound – Lil’ Rizzy

@wheresxander the foot twitch… it’s grimace taking over. #grimaceshake #grimacesbirthday ♬ Scary Screams


The trend continued to spread throughout June 2023 as more people mimicked the original viral video. On June 26th, 2023, TikToker[5] @armiepcharmie, an actor from the film Beau Is Afraid, posted a version of the trend that gained over 119,000 views in a day (shown below, left). The video was reposted by Twitter[6] user @ColmaSatchel that day, writing, "the Beau is Afraid kid is cooking something on tiktok," garnering over 8,200 likes in a day. That day, TikToker[7] @snackgoon also posted a video doing the trend, garnering over 4.3 million views in a day (shown below, right). Later that day, Twitter[8] user @SneakySquid99 shared a video of a TikToker doing the trend that garnered over 30,000 likes in a day.


♬ original sound – armen

@snackgoon This new McDonalds #grimace shake made me feel weird #grimaceshake #grimacebirthday ♬ original sound – Gooner

That same day, Twitter[9] user @GarbageHomo posted an image of a Grimace Shake, writing, "ART CHALLENGE draw ur oc/favourite character drinking the grimace shake then fucking DYING," garnering over 60,000 likes and 2,400 quote-retweets in a day. The trend inspired numerous works of art under its quote-retweets and comment section depicting characters drinking the shake and then dying (examples shown below).[10][11][12]

ι›² @kumo_zd AMY NOOOOOO0 HEY EVERYONE! I GOT THE GRIMACE SHAKE, LET'S TRY IT OUT TOGETHER! 11.05 GRIMAGES BIRTHDA not spoiler free for Imk special!! @raineechu He was a good man..... #AcrossTheSpiderverse happy birthday Grimace! #Spider Noir Siilip :

McDonald's Acknowledges Grimace Shake Trend

On June 27th, 2023, McDonald's (and, by extension, Grimace itself) appeared to acknowledge the Grimace Shake Trend, posting the tweet[13] below which earned over 80,000 likes in three days. Grimace seemed "horrified" in the picture, according to some, such as NBC News. The meme was also posted to Instagram,[14] garnering over 292,000 likes in three days.

McDonald's @McDonalds β€’ Jun 27 meee pretending i don't see the grimace shake trendd 1,518 t 9,624 M 85.4K ₁4.6M ↑ :

Various Examples

Guess who's got two grimace shakes?! Ohhh what the f--- O CTRL+ALT+DEL BY TIM BUCKLEY GENC "LOSS" WWW.CTRLALTDEL-ONLINE.COM Dearest Miquella... I ... finally met... my match.... 9474 SOUL 947450 M = TRASH Drag Ticket Here R.I.P Wally

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