High School Senior Yearbook Photos

High School Senior Yearbook Photos

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High School Senior Yearbook Quotes are select quotations or mottos chosen by the students of the graduating class to be displayed underneath their photographs in the high school yearbook. On the Internet, scanned images of funny or odd yearbook quotes are shared via social networking and internet humor sites on a regular basis, most notably during May and December at the end of an academic year.


The earliest known collection of humorous yearbook quotes posted online was in an Angelfire[6] website titled "Weird Yearbook Sayings," which was created as early as February 2002 according to Google search results.[7]

Weird Yearbook Sayings These are some weird or funny yearbook sayings. Yes I know that some of them are really stupid, but they just had to be added Tell me when you make it out of Oz." written upside-down--"Tm the clown that came to town to sign your yearbook upside down." God made the rivers, God made the lakes, God made (insert name), but hey! We all make mistakes!" "Call 1-800-Collect, save up to 44%."


On December 9th, 2005, College Humor[9] user Greg uploaded a scan of a high school senior yearbook photo with the quote "So I can write anything here and it'll be in the yearbook?" (shown below).

Gregory Kogan Art So I can write anything here and it'll be in the yearbook?

On June 3rd, 2006, Military Photos Forums[10] member BadKarma26 created a thread listing examples of humorous yearbook quotes.On November 8th, 2007, Yahoo Answers[11] member Jason submitted a post asking for funny yearbook quote suggestions, to which member jadeesofia replied with a list of 14 different quotes. On August 11th, 2009, the Internet humor site Cracked[12] published an article titled "Yearbooks," which highlighted a senior yearbook quote with the phrase "I really loved high school, and get erections just by looking in the mirror" (shown below).

The way before us is so promising. I really loved high- n the mirror Me

On October 15th, 2010, The Huffington Post[8] posted a slideshow of prank senior yearbook quotes. On February 8th, 2011, the Internet humor site Smosh[3] posted a series of notable examples. On April 30th, 2013, the viral content site BuzzFeed published a compilation of 30 notable yearbook quote photos. On May 30th, the Internet news site The Daily Dot[2] published an article reporting that a high school senior quoted a tweet from the @horse_ebooks Twitter account in their yearbook (shown below, left). On June 18th, the pop culture blog Hit Fix[4] published an article about a high school student who used elements from the periodic table to quote Notorious B.I.G.'s line "Fuck Bitches Get Money" in the 1995 rap song "Get Money" by Junior M.A.F.I.A. (shown below, right).

ngativniy only served to push me deeper into the realms of saap making horse horse chooks ia Jessica Lee "Fluorine uranium carbon potassium bismuth technetiunm helium sulfur germanium thulium oxygen neon yttrium.

On May 19th, 2015, Redditor ThepIGOFmigS261468 submitted a photo of a yearbook quote containing a reference to engaging in anal sex with a woman during her period to /r/funny[13] (shown below, left). Prior to being archived, the post gained over 4,400 votes (86% upvoted) and 90 comments. On June 23rd, Redditor mybortherisadog submitted a photo of two brothers using the Team Rocket slogan from the Pokemon animated series as their yearbook quote to /r/pokemon,[14] where it gathered upwards of 4,700 votes (91% upvoted) and 140 comments before it was archived (shown below, right).

"If the river flows red, take the dirt road instead." Charles Moxley "Prepare for trouble" Unknown Lenard Moxley "Make it double." Unknown

On July 22nd, Redditor SimShade uploaded a picture of a yearbook quote which spells out the words "fuck you" when reading the first letter of each word (shown below, left). Prior to being archived, the post received more than 4,600 votes (91% upvoted) and 1,100 comments on /r/funny.[15] On September 9th, Redditor KelvarYarmulke submitted photo of a yearbook page featuring a quote from the character Paarthurnax in the video game Skyrim (shown below, right). Within 8 months, the post gained over 4,600 votes (89% upvoted) and 1,300 comments on /r/gaming.[16]

victus Mich "N Daniel s rise Thank you Carlisle High School for teaching me friendship, understanding s 2416 community, kindness, youth, optimism, and unity er Nicole "What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" -Paarthurnax, "Skyrim" "I fell wher blue Grac Self

Various Examples

James Curtin ". .Dumps like a truck...truck..truck.." - Sisqo " didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me. -Tupac Frederic "Destiny, some good tacos."Love is w "Man, those were made Martin Luther King Jr. Tm going lo steal the Declaration of hdependence Nicolas Cage JASON AVINA One time I ate a bage. The take i Graduatas lion. I'm a I'm a LION!!! No I'm actually a DRAGON!!!Il! IM A DRAGON!!! And it feels s000000000000 g00000ood!!! IM A LION AND A DRAGON AT THE SAME TIME!!!! IM A CHAMPION!! IM A LION!!

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