anime girl comforting a crying child and black and white photo of same girl in a nazi uniform

Germany Oneesan / Anime Girl's Nazi Past

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Germany Oneesan / Anime Girl's Nazi Past is an object-labeling image by Twitter user naporitan1946 of a smiling anime girl consoling a crying boy with her hand on his head, while a sepia-toned photograph in the foreground shows her posing in front of two hanging bodies wearing what appears to be a Nazi uniform, revealing her dark past.


On March 16th, 2019, Japanese artist naporitan1946 uploaded the original piece of artwork to Twitter,[1] along with a caption that translates roughly to, "…… I finally found it. Do you really think that you can live properly even though you have done that much? 'Captain'" (shown below). The post gained over 8,700 retweets and 29,900 likes in just under 9 months.


On March 26th, 2020, /u/littlemorven posted a version of the image titled, "Germany oneesan" featuring the labels "Germany now" on the girl, and "Germany in WW2" on the photograph depicting her Nazi past to /r/animemes[2] and /r/HistoryAnimemes[3] garnering over 19,300 upvotes on the former and 8,400 (shown below, left). On April 29th, /u/Mcspegotie posted another version of the image to /r/animemes[4] labeled "Hentai I watch now" on the girl, and "Hentai I used to watch" on the photograph, garnering over 17,800 upvotes in 7 months (shown below, right).

Germany now Germany in WW2 Hentai I watch now Hentai I used to watch 900

On November 10th, /u/ImInSpainButWithNo-S posted a version of the image labeled "YouTuber who makes kid friendly videos and doesn't swear" over the girl and "Their old videos from 5 years ago" on the photograph to /r/memes,[5] garnering over 150,000 upvotes and 100 Reddit awards in 21 days (shown below, left). On November 19th, Lanhdanan uploaded a version of the image to imgur[6] labeled "Canada with literally everyone" over the girl and "Canada with it's indigenous people" over the photograph, criticizing the way Canada allegedly treats its indigenous people, garnering over 103,000 views and 2,700 upvotes in 13 days (shown below, right).

YouTuber who makes kid friendly videos and doesn't Swear Their old videos from 5 years ago Canada with literally everyone 700 Canada with it's indigenous people

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