How People Shower

How People Shower

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How People Shower is a four-pane comic series illustrating different ways in which people from various racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds clean themselves in the shower, largely playing off on nationality stereotypes.


On November 11th, 2013, Viner Arthur uploaded a video titled "How British people shower," in which he is shown grabbing tea bags while showering (shown below). Over the next three years, the video gained over 5.06 million loops, 124,000 likes and 48,000 revines.


On November 23rd, 2014, the Arthur Vines YouTube channel uploaded a compilation of Arthur's video clips demonstrating how British people perform various other tasks (shown below). Within two years, the video gathered upwards of 595,000 views and 300 comments.

On November 4th, 2015, a "How Asian people shower" comic was submitted to 9gag, featuring an asian man eating rice in the shower (shown below, left). On November 26th, Redditor JBaston submitted a four-pane comic version of the original Vine video to the /r/funny[1] subreddit, where it gathered upwards of 5,700 votes (94% upvoted) and 1,300 comments prior to being archived (shown below, right).

VIA 9GAG.COM How Asian people shower Same as you, stupid We get nice and wtThen we have some rice How British people showe The same as you, you idiot. The We get nice and wet Then we get the teabags.

On June 22nd, Redditor EvansBelinda361 uploaded a comic titled "How Black People Shower," in which a black man eats a slice of watermelon in the shower (shown below, left). Within two weeks, the post received more than 7,700 votes (82% upvoted) and 400 comments on /r/funny.[4] The same day, Imgur user WatneyTheSpacePirate uploaded a collection of "How People Shower" comics to Imgur.[3] On June 23rd, Redditor beardedrabbit posted a comic titled "How American people shower," in which a man pulls out a pistol in the shower (shown below, right). On July 5th, Redditor 314rat submitted a post about the exploitable comic series to the /r/OutOfTheLoop[2] subreddit.

How black peope shower The same as you, d-------. First, we get nice and Ther we get he watermelon How American people shower.The same as you, dummy. First, we get nice and wet. Then we get the gun.

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