Nationality Stereotypes

Nationality Stereotypes

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National Stereotypes are generalizations about different countries that are often used as a form of trolling or flaming. These can be considered as racism and are often spread after a certain event or time that occurred in a certain nation or region. If the event or time can easily be mocked, then stereotypes are sure to spread. These stereotypes have a large presence on the internet, not just in real life.

Notable Examples

Germans are Nazis

FATL German School

Despite the fact that the Nazi Reich was decimated at the end of WWII, the Germans are still sometimes referred to as being Nazi-like, specifically dealing with their strict sense of organization.

The French are Cowards

FOR SALE MAS Modèle 36 French infantry rifle. Never fired, dropped twice, includes bayonet/white flag holder. These are unfortunately ubiquitous, so asking price will be low. Make Offer

The stereotype originated when the French when they quickly surrendered in WW2 to the Nazis. To this day they are mocked for it and have obtained the reputation of being soft cowards.

Americans are Fat


Due to the cheapness and convenience of fast food, the United States has begun to have a high obesity ratio in recent years. Because of this and the general wealth of the nation, Americans on the internet are generally considered fat, greedy, and entitled.

Russians are Drunk

The stereotype generally originated from the harsh times in Russia during the communist regime, when the pay was very low and the cold was immense. Many Russians resorted to alcoholism for comfort; thus, the Russians gained the image of drunk and clumsy alcoholics. Russians are, to be specific, always to be portrayed to drink Vodka out of all alcoholic drinks.

Japan can make anything cute

Japan stereotypically has the ability for moefication of either characters who are not normally cute, or objects and concepts which are not even alive. This is very popular with Fan Art and merchandise, and even as official prefecture mascots. This is often referred to as "gijinka", the Japanese word for "anthropomorphism".

Scotsmen & Irishmen are Angry

Scottish and Irish people are stereotypically presented as being short tempered. There are numerous portrayals of Irishmen & Scotsmen who love fighting and alcohol.

Canadians [insist that they] are not Americans

Yes, they may look like Americans, but Canadians take great pride in their own National identity. Americans view them as people who learn to ice-skate before they learn to walk; who have mounties, lumberjacks, French separatists, Eskimos, igloos, Tim Hortons, monopoly money, and maple syrup; and who call their stuff touques, chesterfields, back bacon, zed, cheques, poutine, and prime ministers. The irony is that this is all mostly true, and that Canadians tend to embrace it.

Asians are Inhuman

This stems from what westerners perceive as a skillful, and in some cases, seemingly inhuman or godlike approach to things by Asians, especially by Oriental people. Add to the fact that the Japanese and Koreans are technologically advanced, with robots and high-tech gadgetry. Comments such as "Level: Asian" or similar are common in YouTube and other sites, often mocking or poking fun at their sense of perseverance and skill.

The Lazy Mexican

This was popularized in the mid 1850s to 1950s, before the advent of air conditioning and widespread use of insulated housing. Wishing to avoid the brutal noonday heat of the desert, Mexicans would take a post-lunch siesta and seek any shade available, with a poncho and sombrero to protect them from the direct sun if they were outside. Couple that with a much more overall laid back lifestyle and culture than that of the typical American, and a very exploitable image is formed.

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