Interstellar Docking Parodies

Interstellar Docking Parodies

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Interstellar Docking Parodies are a series of YouTube spoof videos featuring the climactic docking scene from the 2014 science fiction movie Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan.


In the movie, after Dr. Mann tricks the spaceship captain Cooper and his crew into coming to his planet, he attempts to escape by docking his ship onto the team's satellite. This attempt ultimately fails because Dr. Mann lacks the training to properly attach his ship onto the satellite. His error causes an explosion that tears some of the satellite apart, killing Mann instantly. Cooper then attempts docking on the satellite. He succeeds in a triumphant scene scored by Hans Zimmer and noteworthy for its special effects.


On November 14th, 2014, reddit user submitted a post titled "Docking scene. [Spoiler]" on /r/interstellar. The post has since gathered 270 points and 129 comments as of March 2015[3]. In December, a similar discussion was started on 4Chan's /tv/ board[4] and received over 50 comments.

The first instance of the parody was on November 17th, 2014 by Youtuber Draftgon, titled "Interstellar imperfect usb dock (Imperfect Lock)." The video featured a dramatic re-staging of the scene, complete with soundtrack, substituting a USB cable and port for the ship and satellite. As of March 2015, the video has garnered more than 285,000 views[1].

On November 26th, 2014, youtuber KazuyaPP uploaded a video titled "Interstellar Docking Scene [SPOILERS]" where he replicates the scene using a standing fan as substitute for the ship and the satellite. The video has received more than 526,000 views as of March 2015[2].

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