It Lurks In The Dreadwoods

It Lurks In The Dreadwoods

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"It Lurks in the Dreadwoods" is a meme that originated from a creepypasta story posted on a Vaskaybian forum called Zocreychan in 2004. The story, allegedly written by a user named Brandon Obroditen, recounted a chilling experience he had in the Dreadwoods, a forest located in the outskirts of his hometown of Almondport. According to the story, Brandon and his brother went to the Dreadwoods with their friend's brother, who claimed to know a shortcut to a hidden pond. While exploring the forest, they stumbled upon a cult that was burning a man on a bonfire. The cult members chased the trio, but they managed to escape. However, strange things started to happen to them afterwards, such as receiving cryptic messages and experiencing hallucinations. Brandon's last known message on Zocreychan was "It lurks in the dreadwoods." He then disappeared without a trace, and his brother reported him missing to the authorities in Vaskayland.


It all started when a user by the name of Brandon Obroditen posted on Zocreychan's forum about his experience in the Dreadwoods, a place located in Vaskayland. According to his post, Brandon had gone into the woods with his brother and his friend's brother. They had heard stories about a cult that would gather in the woods and perform strange rituals.
As they wandered through the woods, they stumbled upon a group of people gathered around a bonfire. In the center of the bonfire was a man, screaming in agony as he burned alive. The cult members stood around the fire, chanting in some unknown language. Brandon and his group were horrified and ran away as fast as they could.
After the incident, Brandon received a message on Facebook from an unknown account with the name "Dodo Seward". The message was cryptic, warning Brandon not to investigate any further and telling him that "it" wasn't worth it. The name itself was an anagram, which led some users on the forum to speculate that it might hold a clue to what was happening.
One user pointed out that "Dodo Seward" could be rearranged to spell "Dodoseward", which sounded similar to "Dreadwoods". This led to further speculation about what might be happening in the woods.
As the investigation continued, Brandon stopped posting on the forum and began sending cryptic messages that suggested he was in danger. His last known message simply read, "nnnjhhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj hepjjj hel edjidddddddddddddd it lurks in the dreadwoods."
Despite the efforts of the Zocreychan forum community, Brandon's whereabouts remain unknown. Some have speculated that the cultists discovered his online activity and abducted him. Others believe that Brandon may have simply staged the entire story as an elaborate prank.


Over the next few days, the story and its investigation spread across Vaskaybia's internet. Many users shared their own theories, experiences, and even art related to the Dreadwoods and the "It Lurks in the Dreadwoods" meme. However, some users also reported being banned or censored when mentioning the story or Brandon's name in other forums, social media, or even in real life. Some claimed that the Zocreychan's moderators or the government itself were behind the censorship, while others believed it was just a reaction to the disturbing nature of the story.
Despite the censorship, It Lurks in the Dreadwoods became a popular meme among Vaskaybian netizens, who used it to express their fascination, fear, or skepticism about the supernatural and the unknown. Many fan arts, fan fictions, and videos were created based on Brandon's story, some of which added their own twists and interpretations. Some users even organized real-life expeditions to the Dreadwoods, hoping to find clues or evidence about Brandon's fate or the existence of "it". However, most of these expeditions ended up in disappointment, danger, or legal trouble, as the Dreadwoods are known for their rough terrain, wild animals, and restricted access by the authorities.


It Lurks in the Dreadwoods remains a controversial and intriguing meme in Vaskaybian online culture, with some users still debating whether it is a genuine account of supernatural activity or a clever hoax by Brandon or other individuals. Some users also speculate that Brandon's disappearance and the censorship around his story might be related to a larger conspiracy or cover-up by the government or the cult that he encountered. However, there is no conclusive evidence or official statement about these theories, and Brandon's fate remains a mystery.

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