I've Won... But At What Cost?

I've Won... But At What Cost?

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I've Won… But At What Cost? refers to an image macro showing a semi-transparent Wario in front of a cloudy sky with the text "I've won… but at what cost?" overlaid. The picture has been used as a reaction image with scenarios where a person achieves a minor a victory but suffers a more pressing loss in the process.


The image was first posted to Tumblr in 2014. While the original post has been deleted, one of the earliest known reblogs of the post exists on user psyducked[1] on May 8th, 2014. The post gained over 48,000 notes (shown below).

i've won... but at what cost?


The image began seeing use as a reaction image on Tumblr in the following months. For example, a post by hyadin[2] which paired the image with the caption "when u beat a game with a sad ending" gained over 290,000 notes (shown below, left). From there, the image spread to Reddit, where it has been used in multiple variations. For example, an edit appeared on February 21st, 2016 in /r/meirl,[3] referencing Netflix and Chill.

when u beat a game with a sad ending but at what cost? when she invites you over for netflix and chill and you agree but you really just wanna netflix i've won...... but at what cost?

The image continued seeing use on Reddit through 2020. Recent examples of the meme include a post by user "______HI_______" in /r/memes[4] on January 4th, 2020 that gained over 19,000 points (shown below, left). A January 23rd post in /r/ComedyCemetary[5] by homiemanti that featured Waluigi gained over 1,100 points (Shown below, right).

When you finally become better than your older brother at a game and now he doesn't play with you as often anymore i've won...... but at what cost? Me: *needs a 70/100 to pass my class* Me: *gets a 69/100* i've won... but at what-cost?

Various Examples

CHINESE RESTAURANT BRING G/F 5% OFF BRING WIFE 10% OFF BRING BOTH FREE MEAL! i've won.... ng but at what cost? made with mematic You are offered $10,000,000 if you can name something that not even 1 person in the world has a fetish for. What do you answer? Discussion 1.0k Share Award 606 SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL 12h i've won... but at what cost? Heppy Biethday D--- ha na ha Don't write that his name is Mo i've won...... but at what cost? 00 T-Mobile LTE 7:55 PM Details Messages (1) Mother Your failing English You're i've won.... but at what cost? 2 hours ago I told my friends I have a date with an attractive girl. They told me she was imaginary. Jokes on them because they are too. 2 20 i've won.... but at what cost? Nu/shayaoob Female classmate: "Roast me" Me: You are in my league i've won.... but at what cost?


i've won... but at what cost?

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