Mariko Translates Blackthorne Rant meme from Shogun.

Mariko Translates Blackthorne's Rant

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Mariko Translates Blackthorne's Rant refers to a series of caption memes that parody the scenes in which the Shogun character Lady Mariko translates Portuguese to Japanese for John Blackthorne. In memes, which use a reaction image of the two standing next to each other in traditional Japanese garments and the caption above, Mariko gives an abridged translation of Blackthorne's rants about sports and other topics.


On March 5th, 2024, episode three titled "Tomorrow Is Tomorrow" of the limited drama series Shōgun premiered.[1] In the episode, the character John Blackthorne (portrayed by Cosmo Jarvis) pretends to be outraged to create a distraction, with the character Lady Mariko (Anna Sawai) giving an abridged version of his indignant speech.

- This is unacceptable. Peering into ladies' private quarters?! It's not proper! Worse than that, it's vulgar! Unholy perversion!
- I think the barbarian is offended. In his country, it is improper to … leer at women.

On April 16th, 2024, X[2] / Twitter user @FanSince09 posted a still image of Mariko and Blackthorne from an earlier scene from the episode, captioning it with a humorous rant about hockey by Blackthorne and an abridged interpretation of it by Mariko. The post (shown below) garnered over 580 reposts and 6,500 likes in two days.

Godzilla Shammgodzilla @FanSince09 Blackthorne: You tell him that the Flyers are an absolute disgrace to the game of Hockey!! Yes Yes, I know they had no goalie but losing 8 in a row doomed them. Torts isn't the guy and they need to clean house! Mariko: The Ajin is displeased about sports. . 9:57 PM Apr 16, 2024 308.4K Views


On April 17th, 2024, users shared more versions of the meme on X / Twitter. For example, on April 17th, X[3] user @oeste posted a meme about association football that received over 3,600 reposts and 11,000 likes in one day (shown below).

Aaron West @oeste Blackthorne: You tell him that despite the progress we've made as a club over the last few years, we needed a statement win and we couldn't beat the weakest Bayern in decades!!! It's maddening! Mariko: The Anjin is displeased with his London sports team • 5:52 PM Apr 17, 2024 · 532.7K Views

More memes based on the format were shared in the following days. On April 18th, X[4] user @DaveMcNamee3000 posted a meme about Red Lobster that gained over 3,000 reposts and 21,000 likes in one day (shown below).

7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000 ... Blackthorne: You tell him that despite being called "Endless Shrimp” it does in fact have a limit. The dogs and charlatans at Red Lobster have created a lie and I intend to speak my mind about it. There needs to be accountability! Mariko: the Anjin is upset about shrimp 11:24 AM Apr 18, 2024 828.8K Views

Various Examples

please be nice to patrick @ruff_bluffs Blackthorne: you tell him it's too soon for a PS5 pro. Yes yes we have hit a plateau in graphical quality. No, none of this will make games better or more sustainable. It's simply not meant for anyone. Mariko: the anjin is displeased his purchase is already out of date. . 10:06 AM Apr 17, 2024 34.9K Views ... Luis Paez-Pumar @lppny Blackthorne: I am going to get on my ship, which is mine, and hunt Nicolas Batum to the ends of the earth. He will face my fury from one end of this earth to the other. I will not rest until he answers for his crimes. Mariko: The Anjin is sad about the Miami Heat. 10:02 PM - Apr 17, 2024 106.2K Views Jordan in Finland (Fantasy Baseball Oligarch) @RosenJordan Blum Blackthorne: You tell him the prevalence of pitcher injuries is simply too high!! Yes, yes, velocity, sweepers, the pitch clock--I do not care which it is...It is a disgrace to the game and must be put to a stop at once!! Mariko: The Anjin is displeased about Strider's elbow. 5:43 AM Apr 18, 2024 · 121.4K Views ...
the thicc husband & father @lukeisamazing Blackthorne: You tell him that despite being called “steamed hams” they were obviously grilled. Skinner purchased fast food and disguised it as his own cooking and he didn't even let me see Aurora Borealis in his kitchen. Mariko: the Anjin is upset about patented Skinner burgers . 2:35 PM Apr 18, 2024 · 9,685 Views • ... eric van allen @seamoosi ... Blackthorne: I am simply asking Toranaga-sama to gank top. It's been 10 minutes, and my lane has been pushed in the whole time. I've been ass-to-turret, burning my Flash just to stay alive up here against this blasted Teemo. Mariko: The Anjin is happy to be playing on a team. 10:53 AM Apr 18, 2024 52.1K Views . Arizona AriZona Iced Tea @DrinkAriZona Blackthorne: You tell him that despite the price being clearly printed on the can the dog of a merchant is charging more. The drooling tea monger must be held responsible for this affront. There needs to be order! Mariko: the Anjin is upset about iced tea . 5:35 PM Apr 18, 2024 7,277 Views


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