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Mime And Dash

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Mime And Dash is a viral NSFW animation by Derpixon in which two criminal female mimes named BonBon and ChuChu play a game with a masked man that involves guessing their act three times, followed by them performing sexual acts with the character after each incorrect guess, knocking him out and stealing his money on the third attempt. The video went viral on Newgrounds and YouTube in July 2021, with viewers taking a particular liking to the characters BonBon and ChuChu, resulting in numerous works of fan art and memes surrounding them.


On July 4th, 2021, animator Derpixon posted a trailer for an original animation called "Mime and Dash" (shown below). The trailer advertises the animation as "a show about mimes and crimes." The trailer received over 919,000 views on YouTube[3] in a month.

On July 16th, Derpixon posted the NSFW animation to Newgrounds,[1] as well as a censored version to YouTube[2] replacing all of the graphic sex scenes and removing any lewd imagery (shown below). In the animation, BonBon and ChuChu have a masked character play a game that involves guessing their act based on what they act out via charades. The mimes act out a number of sexual-looking acts, followed by the character demonstrating the acts on the girls, depicted through graphic sex scenes, only to guess wrong each time. Following the third incorrect guess, the character is knocked out after ejaculating on their faces, assumedly due to the intense nature of the threesome he just had with BonBon and ChuChu. They then steal his money. The video gained over 3.7 million views on the former and 3 million on the latter in just under a month.


Fans of the animation took a particular liking to the characters ChuChu and BonBon and began creating fan art and media based on them. On July 26th, Derpixon posted a piece of original art depicting the characters to Newgrounds[4] in celebration of the video reaching over 2 million views on the site, gaining over 112,000 views in a week (shown below). The image was also made available to buy as a poster.[5]


Over the course of late July and early August, numerous other works of fan art based on the characters were uploaded to the web, particularly to Newgrounds and Twitter. Much of it is NSFW. On July 28th, Newgrounds[6] user MelodyMizu posted an original piece of art depicting the characters, gaining over 53,000 views in a week (shown below, left). On July 31st, Twitter[7] user @Nicosarea posted a piece of art consisting of two images, gaining over 5,000 likes and 500 retweets in a week (show[n below, center, right).

Chu Chu Bon Bon m3lwart Oc by Derpixon

On August 2nd, Twitter user @Peppabunzz posted a video in cosplay as ChuChu, gaining over 3,700 likes and 58,000 views in three days (shown below).


The characters have also become notably popular in TikTok videos. On July 27th, the TikTok[8][9] page @bonbon..and..chuchu, a fan page for the characters, posted its first video, gaining over 560,000 views in a week (shown below, left). On July 29th, the page posted a video using the sound for lvl1's "FVN," gaining over 7.7 million views in a week (shown below, right). The account has gained over 100,000 followers in this time.


The hashtag "#mimeanddash" boasts over 47.2 million total views as of August 5th, the majority being remixes of the video set to various popular original sounds and fan art showcases (popular examples shown below).


Mime Thinking Hard

In September 2021, a GIF of the masked, unnamed character in Mime and Dash thinking hard started to see use in image macros, particularly on Reddit. In many of these, the context is completely detached from Mime and Dash. using the GIF was uploaded to /r/memes on September 4th, 2021, gaining over 11,300 upvotes in a week (shown below).

Me when the exam has just started and it says "Your Name:' SECENON

Various Examples

DAX 222ZHIN BAH BONBON & CHUCHU Wanna play game? a

Search Interest


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