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Nepo Baby

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Nepotism Baby or Nepo Baby is a slang term for someone who succeeds due to insider connections from their family. In particular, it is often used to describe Hollywood actors and actresses with famous parents. The term came to prominence because of jokes parodying a Twitter user who expressed their surprise to learn that Maude Apatow, the actress who plays Lexi on the TV series Euphoria, was a "nepotism baby," implying that she was able to succeed in show business because her father is famous director Judd Apatow and her mother is actress Leslie Mann. As the tweet spread in late February 2022, other users poked fun at it for being a rather obvious observation. They also parodied it by using the original tweet as a phrasal template and edited it to include other famous people with notably famous parents.


On February 20th, 2022, Twitter user @MeriemIsTired[1] tweeted, "Wait I just found out that the actress that plays Lexie is a nepotism baby omg 馃槶 her mom is Leslie Mann and her dad is a movie director lol." She was referring to Maude Apatow, daughter of actress Leslie Mann and director Judd Apatow. The tweet gained over 270 retweets, 2,300 quote tweets, and 3,900 likes (shown below).

F--- yall and the Apatow family btw @MeriemlsTired Wait I just found out that the actress that plays Lexie is a nepotism baby omg a her mom is Leslie Mann and her dad is a movie director lol KNOCKED UP UNIVERSAL KNG "the am脿r KNOCKED UP dreamsbme UNIVERSAL KNOC alamy CKED UP UNIVERS Othe ma NvEgSAL KNOCKED alamy OCKED UP dreamstime UNIVERSAL a a 7:00 PM 路 Feb 20, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone drea dreamstime dreams


The tweet was swiftly mocked on Twitter as users noted that the connection between Maude Apatow and "famous director" Judd Apatow was obvious, as Apatow is one of the most acclaimed comedy directors of the past two decades. User @Breliloquy[2] wrote, "'A movie director' has me screaming. They said Judd Apatow who?," gaining over 30 retweets and 300 likes in two days (shown below, left). User @woahitsjuanito[3] joked, "sincerely love that this person knows leslie mann but not judd apatow's name," gaining over 20 retweets and 500 likes in a similar timeframe (shown below, right).

@Breliloquy "A movie director" has me screaming. They said Judd Apatow who? F--- yall and the Apatow family btw @MeriemlsTired 路 Feb 20 Wait I just found out that the actress that plays Lexie is a nepotism baby omg her mom is Leslie Mann and her dad is a movie director lol Show this thread Mr N KNOCKED UP drea UNIVERSAL KNO "the a nar, KNOCKED UP dreamsbme dream alamy UNIVERSAL KNOCK CKED UP UNIV Othe ma IVERSAL KNOCKED alamy OCKED UP NIgsaL dreamstime

Other users began parodying the tweet on February 21st, 2022, by recreating it in a snowclone by humorously adding celebrities with even more famous parents. For example, Twitter user @vilehag[4] recreated the tweet with Liza Minelli, whose parents are Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, gaining over 1,000 retweets and 23,000 likes in roughly 24 hours (shown below, left). User @GoldAssFang[5] tweeted the joke with Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonc茅, gaining over 20 retweets and 280 likes in a similar timeframe (shown below, right).

georgie @vilehag ... Wait I just found out that the actress that plays Lucille 2 is a nepotism baby omg f her mom is Judy Garland and her dad is a movie director lol 6:36 PM 路 Feb 21, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone

Vulture Article

On December 19th, 2022, Vulture published a cover article by Nate Jones describing the rise of the "nepo baby" term in 2022 and profiling some entertainment industry figures.[6] The article began with a description of the viral @MereimIsTired tweet and its reception, profiling the author and their life story. Then, sourcing from interviews with casting directors and others, the article described an entrenched culture in Hollywood where family connections lead to career success. The piece was accompanied by another piece featuring a series of charts describing the family connections of famous Hollywood figures.[7]

AVO EW YORK EV VO AWW, LOOK! She Has Her Mother's Eyes. And Agent. Extremely overanalyzing Hollywood's nepo-baby boom. BY NATE JONES Third- generation nepo baby with the confidence to take down Ellen. TIPPI HEDREN Actress MELANIE GRIFFITH Actress Dakota Johnson Actress DON JOHNSON Actor

These charts rapidly became fodder for memes, with many using their structure as an exploitable to identify various characters as nepotism babies. For example, @zachsilberberg posted a meme exposing Remy the Rat from Ratatouille's nepotistic origins, receiving 31,000 likes in less than a day on December 19th (seen below, left).[8] Others referenced the article with other memes, including @mikescollins, who earned almost 20,000 likes on December 19th (seen below right) for a George Bush Learning About 9/11 meme, a format that saw increased usage throughout late 2022.[9]

THE ORIGINAL PLAGUE RAT Responsible for approx. 25 million deaths across Europe Remy "Little Chef" Rat Chef/Restauranteur Approx 600 years later

Various Examples

paul* ... @FALLENAL1EN wait i just found out the director of marie antoinette and the virgin suicides is a nepotism baby omg f her dad directed the godfather lol prary y注 讛住讬讜砖讬讜讬 Vic ary BOHA Roman FETT ... @romansempir3 Just found out the actress who plays Catwoman in The Batman is a nepotism baby her mom is Lisa Bonet and her dad is some sort of musician lol CAINT 1:46 PM 路 Feb 22, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone Her father invented Toaster Strudels Gretchen Wieners Actress Pillsbury Doughboy Baker CROISSANT "Tasty breakfast treat" CRONUT "All day banger" DOUGHNUT "Daytime indulgence"

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I was kind of hoping this would be about people legitimately realizing how nearly impossible it is for a regular person to actually "make it" in hollywood and how the wealthy in America have become an informal royalty coasting on the merits of their forefathers while looking down their noses at the rest of us.

But it's just people joking about not knowing who Judd Apatow is.


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