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"Nobody:", also known as "No One:" Tweets and "Nobody:" Tweets and "Literally No One:", is a phrasal template used to mock people who strive to attract attention and tend to provide unsolicited opinions, as well as for observational humor. The format rose to popularity in Autumn 2018 with tweets usually starting with the phrases "No one:", "Nobody:" and "Me:", continued with text or visual descriptions of an unprovoked action by a certain individual.


While the exact origin of the posts starting with the phrases such as "Literally no one" and "Literally nobody" is unclear, first tweets utilizing the phrasal template can be traced to at least September 1st, 2018.[1][2] On September 2nd, 2018, Twitter[3] user @greenlight posted one of the earliest viral posts following the format in which he described an unprovoked Spooktober themed speech from a female "with no personality". The tweet gained over 12,300 retweets and 64,300 likes in five months.

early version of the nobody meme about a girl with no personality of her own going on an unprovoked tangent about Halloween


In the following months, tweets describing various individuals providing unsolicited opinions and making spontaneous decisions appeared on the platform (examples below). One popular tweet[4] by user @antoniiogarza21, posted on October 23rd, 2018, gained over 3,900 retweets and 32,100 likes in four months (shown below, right).

joke about New Yorkers sharing unprovoked opinions tweet about providing unsolicited info about the agricultural revolution tweet about convincing yourself to spend money on makeup

On January 29th, a series of "Literally No One" tweets were featured by Ruin My Week.[5]

J. K. Rowling Tweet Parodies

Starting November 17th, 2018[6], a sub-genre of "Literally No One" tweets in which British writer J. K. Rowling" introduced unsolicited changes to Harry Potter universe, known as J.K. Rowling Tweet Parodies, has gained popularity on the platform.

don't say it meme about a JK Rowling parody tweet nobody variation meme about JK Rowling sharing unsolicited information about wizards personal hygiene nobody variation meme about JK Rowling sharing unsolicited information about Snape being trans

On January 28th, the parodies were covered by The Daily Dot.[7]

Road Crossing Variations

Starting February 2th, 2019[8], a sub-genre of "Literally No One" tweets using unicode and emoji art of various creatures crossing a road has been circulated on Twitter.

nobody emoji variation meme about chickens crossing the road nobody emoji variation meme about crossing the road without looking nobody emoji variation meme about ducks crossing the road

On February 5th, the trend was covered by Pop Buzz.[9]


In May 2019, TikTok introduced "The Nobody Meme" effect which has been used in over 98,100 videos within a month. The effect creates a border that allows users to use their video to describe "me:" (shown below). TikTok user @deann gained over 10,100 likes in four days (shown below, left). The theme of each video using the format varies from showcasing personality traits to specific reactions to scenarios. On May 17th, @wewearcute expressed their love for small scale brands in a video which accumulated over 129,900 likes in three days (shown below, center). The next day, @yeahimcaroline posted a video which garnered over 129,900 likes in two days (shown below, right).

Various Examples

Literally nobody: Person who vapes: literally nobody: old high school peers in pyramid schemes: gotta strategizeto make some real100 100 money s you're writing your destinyjoin the vision making a months 2 worth of money can't work 9-5 like everyone$ml was made different 100100 100 in days MAR No one: Lana Del Rey going about 99 with her bad baby by her heavenly side back in 2013:
Me: Boy with one dangling earring: Me: White girls laptop case: I need a nap SHE BELIEvED sHE cOULD SO sHE DID no one: hitler: @lewiis people with blonde hair are far superior to you other losers Show this thread

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