Oh Joy Sex Toy's "Cuck" Comic

Oh Joy Sex Toy's "Cuck" Comic

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Oh Joy Sex Toy's "Cuck" Comic refers to a comic produced by the sex-positive webcomic Oh Joy Sex Toy, written by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, that attempts to explain and destigmatize the kink of cuckolding. It became the subject of jokes and exploitable variations after its publication.


On April 4th, 2017, Oh Joy Sex Toy[1] posted a comic titled "What the Fuck's a Cuck?" The comic attempts to explain the kink of cuckolding as well as the role each participant plays and what they get out of the kink (shown below). In the comic, the characters are represented by Joe (the cuck), Kate (the lady), and Craig (the bull). Oh Joy Sex Toy also posted a blog post talking about the comic and the kink itself.

What the F---'s a Cuck? Man, John, he's such a cuck Hey, Matt, I keep seeing this word pop up and... What the fucsGreat questio! a "cuck"??? lol gg wp cucks 5min, gonna do a stream for l you cucks Cuck" has been showing up a lot recently and a verg positive way ding g/ Which is undeserved! So today we're going to shed some Together light on it with a čuck and his partners wea cuckolding we're o who enjoy a very complicated and complex kink: trio! Cuckolding is a kink based around trust, control, fear, humiliation, voyeurism, showmanship, and compersion* Hi This is my wife... ..and our best friend, current lover, bull of three there! m a cuckold! Hello! gears. Howdy Ah! Compersion is a feeling of joy when a loved one takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual Joe* Kate Craio ea elationship outside of the onal they have with you. Dude UHAT JUST HAPPENED? H-he just booted you out of uour bedroom! Your wife's in there! Being a CuCko Joe, shut up is- and get the f--- out. 'm gonna f--- your wite how Wimp! I know Isn't it just achingly wonderfu? Being a cuckold is to participate in the planning, watching, and having your partner engage with other t sounds selfless and self-sacrificing, but I get a sorf ot masochistic pleasure, having my wife consensually taken away from me by another, stronger, more "masculine" mah. at the expense of yourself lovers There's a sweet agonu to being denied or passed-up in tavor ot another partner. To watch her derive pleasure from someone else and then getting my hose rubbed in it B-B-But aren't you jealous? Arent yoo scared?? You see, Kate and I take that jealousy and fear and sexualize it. Just like sky diving, there's pleasure and a rush facing your fears a in es! Sometimes I am! By playing with the things that scare us, ωe teel like we can control them better. But it's a thrilling, erotic feeling too God, honey, I love his c--- so much more than yours, you don't even compare For me, I feel empowered get to have a lover, in addition to a husband Craig is a manlg- man, testosterone personified, and there's an animalistic p0ωer in being submissive to him over my husband It stings... but it turns us oh. I get a thrill out of f------ the "alpha" of the pack! m a queen who gets to f--- with marriage stereotypes; the thril of an affair without the And it's not at the expense of our relationship! damage. Throwing myself at Craig, knowing Joe loves/hates it, I get We do rt together, even t we're hot ih the same room. to personity a sluffier, more extro﹀erted me It's weird to say, but I feel CLOSER to Joe when Inm cuckolding him The sex iS pretty amazing too! Craig and I are at it like rabbits and, when I throw Joe a bone and we f---, it's with renewed intimacy and conhection. Im in touch with something deep inside of him It's like being ih the hoheumoor period constantly Being the third in a cuckold scenario is often | get to engage with two awesome, open people. Y get to f--- an amazingly sexy ady whehever l want. called being the Bultoo, is a complex and deep role to plag. I get to flex m aggressive moscles And it's a real rush throwing a and shouboat as 1 husband out of his I f---. bed to f--- his wife! It's also really fun coming up with newNew rule and outrageous ways to get Joe to squirm, ,week, you're not While don't explore the same aspects of it as Joe or Kate do, I get a whole other set of rewards from it. 〉 allowed to f--- her or c--. Hands off too. boy, she's all mine! Aw Ok! whaaat/ And while Im not married to either, and it might stop at any moment, over the years our three person relationship has grown to feel like family. You don't have to practice cuckolding the same way ve do it, either! This is just what works for us. There's a lot of depth and nuances to how you might engage with it. Kate, Craig, and We have a I don't cuckold ALL perfectly normal life the time, either. 95% of the time. Jo yoo khow somefimes it's switched on. Some people like to dip their toes in with hotwifing/hothusbahding t's a bit like cuckolding, but it's just about the sex and nothing more emotionally We cant express how important communication is ω1th We spent SO much time a kink like this might sound like talking, exploring the kink verballg, testing the waters with threesomes, and dating arouhd with different men we just fouhd a horhy hunk and dove right n, but that's not the case. It's not something we blindlu jumped into head first, but rather baby-stepped toward, always together. Where we're at is the accumulation of uears of boundaru testing and sexual exploration and COMMUNICATION It's not JUST about us, the married When you invite a third into your lives, even f it's for a short time, you need to treat them as the real human being that they are couple, either. They aren't just rent-a-cocks!* Unless you've hired a professional, which is totally a valid option! And you still gotta treat them like human beings, because they are. Folks exploring cuckolding come in all different types, sizes, qenders, and Sexualifies. So while our personal scehario might look a little white, cisgender, and straight, I wouldnt let that stop you if this dynamic at all interests you! a warning if you are But, interested in researching this kink: Unfortunately, there are cuckolding itself isnt some rotten racist edges that That really sucks, but the practice of based on race! are hard to avoid stumbling over on the internet. Cuckolding is about the power dyhamic betweern a couple and a third who are playing with pressure points for mutual sexual gratification. A lot of cuckold p---, stories, and stereotypes are based around white couples being with a black third in a really ugly way, using racial slurs and all H--------, there's so many levels to this! At the very least, think we can agree that bein a cuck is tough a YUP takes a lot of bravery andFuck yeah, Cuckolding is a challenging complicated kink that offers a world of risks and rewards. strength.I'm proud to be a cuck Hush you, youre distracting me! Shlorp Shlurp Brought to you by our alpha patrons at Patrean.com/erikamoen To repost/licer S1 it ohjoysextoy.com/license


The comic was instantly mocked on Tumblr, in addition to being criticized for ignoring the racial and homophobic origins of the kink.[3] Many panels of the original comic were turned into exploitable images on Tumblr as well. Some of the most popular include "Joe Shut Up I'm Going to Fuck Your Wife!", the "Awww, ok" text message reaction, and the Cucker's explanation panel.

hey man, jennifer said she wants me instead of you She's had enough of this. Please don't contact us again ps im taking your wii u ding Aw whaaat Ok! Beinq a cuckofJoe, shut up UP is- and get the f--- out. a/ G MY LOVE FOR YOU is LIKE A TRUCK BERSERKER! DO YOU WANT TO MAKING F---? TBERSERKER!

On April 5th, popular YouTuber Shoe0nHead[2] tweeted a link to it to her 144,000 followers, saying "im the last person that should kink shame but damn this is hilarious damage control for "cuck" becoming an insult" (shown below).

june @shoeOnhead Follow im the last person that should kink shame but damn this is hilarious damage control for "cuck" becoming an insult ohjoysextoy.com/comics/2017-04 t being gh and of nd Fock yeah, Im proud to be

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Being a cuckO is- and get the f--- out. 'm qonna f--- IS- your te now I CLOSE MY EYES AND SIEZE IT I CLENCH MY FIST AND BEAT IT I LIGHT MY TORCH AND BURN IT I AM THE BEAST I WORSHIP Joe, sH a cuc is- and get out. Im 90 your I've had enough of this dude. like, maybe 5, or 6 right now. my dude how many layers of uncritical thought are you on you are like a little baby watch this It's also really fun coming up with newNew rule and outrageous waysk you're not rotate text in to get Joe to squirm, allowed to too MS Paint Aw whaaat! Ok! Send

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[1] Oh Joy Sex Toy – What the Fuck's a Cuck?

[2] Twitter – @shoe0nhead

[3] Tumblr – queernuck criticism

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