Kink Shaming

Kink Shaming

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Kink Shaming, also spelled as kinkshaming, is the act of mocking or criticizing someone's specific sexual predilections. Originating in the social justice blogosphere, the term has been applied outside of its original context as a way of criticizing overzealous political correctness.


Although there is no clear date when the term "kink shaming" came into use, the first online mentions date from the Livejournal Kink communities, where some "no kink shaming" policies went into effect as early as 2008.[7]

KINK-SHAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any kink-shaming comments will be deleted. This is a KINK MEME, people. If you're squicked by something, just scroll on by. If you see any kink-shaming comments, please PM me In that vein, please WARN for things like r---, dub-con, shota/loli, and i-----. You don't have to warn while you're prompting unless your prompt is detailed, but otherwise, it will be helpftul for people who want to avoid being triggered while browsing through smut.


STFU, Kink Shamers,[8] a Tumblr blog devoted to criticizing people who engage in kink shaming, began posting in July 2011. While some see the practice as legitimate discrimination, others, typically outside of kink groups, ridicule the idea that someone's kink can be discriminated against. Some of the earliest ironic posts[1][2] about kink shaming come from late 2012.

paxamericana. what if my kink is kinkshaming

An Urban Dictionary entry[3] for "kink shame" was created in 2014. In June of 2015, Tumblr user skygosh[4] created an ironic "kink shaming pride" flag (shown below); the post gained over 20,000 notes. The Tumblr blog Daily Kink Shaming,[5] which reblogs ironic posts about kink shaming, was started in October 2015. The meme documentation Tumblr Meme Archives published a post about the "ironic" use of the word on November 8th, 2015.[6]

cess skygosh kink is kinkshaming. Please respect us we are LGBT now we have a flag see Oh please be satire


me: "kisses my beautiful wife* my son, a child: ew, cooties! me: son, how many times must you kink shame me under my own roof 13/6/15@ 2:24 am (131,123 notes) tags: #1"m going to bed #kink shaming #kidd text fearty: your honour, i think you'll find that tax fraud is my client's kink and for the prosecution to press these charges is, in fact, kinkshaming ;:fearty #kinkshaming #sj memes #3 January 2015 57,117 notes Apr 3rd, 2015 fuckyeahkinkshaming: fucknokinkshaming ntense battle music playing* kink shaming
When someone kink shames you: doraexplored youngestalien: frenchmontanavevo youngestalien: being shamed is my kink disgusting stop it im bout to nut Source: youngestalien 11,551 notes

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