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Omega Kawaii Cloud Song

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Omega Kawaii Cloud Song
Category: Meme Status: Submission Year: 2005 Origin: DeviantArt Region:
Tags: deviantart, flash animation, final fantasy, hand drawn animation,
Omega Kawaii Cloud Song


Omega Kawaii Cloud Song is a flash animation of a chibi caricature of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII singing about potions giving him cavities and fighting cactuars.


This flash animation was created by deviantArt user spookydoom[1] on September 1st, 2005.[2] The Youtube video was uploaded by Alcaka[3] on January 24th 2006. This was a person who had stumbled upon the animation and decided to post it on Youtube to share it with others. As of November 2012, the video has over 2,000,000 views.

My name is Cloud
I have a sword
I fight Cactuars
Because I'm Bored
I like to ride on Chocobos
It's better than
Having Afros

And when I go
Into an Inn
Fifteen seconds
It's day again
And I will use
A phoenix down
So when I die
I will not Frown

Because I am Cloud
My Hair defies all gravity
And I can't have too many potions
Or I might get cavities

If I can't slice you
Then that's ok
I'll use my magic
And I will defeat
That Sephiroth
Because he's not
David Lee Roth

One reason why the animation has been so successful may be because the cuteness of Chibi Cloud (Omega meaning very and Kawaii meaning Cute). Cuteness (take Babies laughing for example) has a long history of appeal. The song also had silly lyrics set to a catchy tune.



On deviantArt, another users began creating their own versions of the animation. There have been very many imitators changing lyrics to fit with the singer. For example, This video below is "The Sora Song" who is from the Kingdom Hearts series who sing about Key-blades and Xemnas.

Notable Examples

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts Squall from Final Fantasy VIII
Gir from Invader Zim Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist

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External References

[1] deviantART – spookydoom

[2] deviantART – The Cloud Song / Posted on 09-01-2005

[3] YouTube – Alcaka

Tags: deviantart, flash animation, final fantasy, hand drawn animation,

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