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OMG Cat is the nickname given to Chocolate, a cat who rose to internet fame for her incredulous expression on the Japanese textboard community 2channel in March 2010 after her caretaker posted a request for advice on how to deal with the ccat's dislocated jaw.


At approximately 9:22 pm on March 17th, 2010, a post appeared on 2channel's /news4vip/ (Breaking news: VIP) board with an image of a slackjawed cat:

鍪の顎が外れたんだが-·-minn RN物| 1温下ㄧ名猴しにかわり袲してVIPがお送りし蓑1.2010.06/17休 212221 10 ID:RZypt4XO ググっても有益な情報が見つからない 病院も閉まってる おまえらちょっと対処法を教えてもらえないか 経験者がいたらその後どうしたか詳しく頼む

My cat's chin is about to fall out.
I tried Googling for advice, but can't find anything useful.
Hospital is closed. What should I do?
If anyone's had a similar experience, post reply.

In addition to sharing images of Chocolate on 2channel, the user uploaded a video of the cat to Nico Nico Douga[1] and YouTube[2] the same day.

According to the original poster, the kitten was suffering from a dislocated jaw when the pictures and videos were taken. Many comments were sympathetic, while noting that the cat looked hilarious.

Follow-Up Explanation

みんなお騒がせしてすまん無事治って戻ってきた麻酔の影響と18飯食ってないせい で、フラフラしたり吐いたり、ちょっと口が開いてたりしたけどだんだん口も閉じ てきて、水も自分で飲めるようになったしやわらかいものなら食べれるようになっ たよー 今はストーブの前で寝てるよあと無断転載だけど、2ちゃんだし仕方ないとは思う ただブログに載せるのなら一言書いて欲しかったかも。 けど日本のどこかで可愛いおにゃのこがチョコのことを心配してると考える と." " "ブ匕イ俐www俐俐ww 対処法とか体験談とか教えてくれてありがと 結局自分で何もできなかったけど、 う!

At about 1:11 pm on March 19, a follow-up thread was posted on 2channel:

Sorry if I made anyone to worry. Returning from the hospital and the kitten is fine now. For a whole day, she felt sick and couldn't eat anything because of the medicine they gave her, but the jaw's getting better and can even drink water again! Now she's sleeping by the heater.

I couldn't deal with the crisis myself, but thanks to those who gave suggestions, concerns and tips for my Chocolate!


Soon after the video was uploaded, particularly on YouTube, dozens of duplicate clips and reaction mashups (a la Keyboard Cat) were posted. However, the video gained notoriety on April 1st, 2010 when Justin Bieber[2] parodied it in his April Fools' Day prank on Funny or Die[3][4]

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OMG cat's search interest peaked in April 2010 with the Justin Bieber prank, and has since declined.

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