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Padoru is a series of image macros and remix video featuring a Christmas carol scene in the Japanese PlayStation Portable role-playing game Fate/Extra.


In the game Fate/Extra, the character Nero Claudius sings a Japanese parody of the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells" during a short sequence in the game, ending with Claudius loudly yelling the lyrics "padoru padoru!" On December 11th, 2011, YouTuber ugroundz uploaded a clip of the sequence, garnering more than 473,000 views and 300 comments over the next six years (shown below).



On August 31st, 2016, YouTuber Yung Bubby uploaded a video looping the Fate/Extra scene for one hour (shown below). Within four months, the video gained over 121,000 views and 180 comments.

On September 19th, 2017, Twitter user @_Nerodere[2] submitted an edited That Girl Is So Cute comic in which Nero Claudius is shown singing the Fate/Extra song (shown below, left). The same day, YouTuber Monnekey uploaded a remix of the scene (shown below, right).

That girl is so cute. I wonder what She's listening to… HASHIRE SORI YO KAZE NO YOU NI TSUK배fHARA WO PADORU PADORU

On October 26th, 2017, YouTuber Jmay uploaded an S Stands For remix of the Fate/Extra scene (shown below). On December 3rd, a Fate/Grand Order thread was submitted to the /vg/ (video game generals) board on 4chan, in which several users posted comments referencing the "padoru" song.[1]

On December 13th, 2018, Redditor [3] Emiya_desu explained the meme:

It's a meme from the video game Fate/Extra. At one point in the game, a main character, Nero Claudius, goes around singing her own modified version of Jingle Bells which ends in the words Padoru Padoru. Padoru Padoru is a japanese onomatopoeia for the clopping noise of reindeer hooves.

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