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Big Man Tyrone

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Big Man Tyrone is a nickname given to entrepreneur Gordon Hurd, who gained much online notoriety for creating testimonial videos on the online marketplace Fiverr, which is frequently enlisted to create humorous anime-related videos by users in the /a/ (anime) and /s4s/ (shit 4chan says) boards on 4chan.


In April 2013, Australian-based Fiverr[1] user Roger Stockburger created a page advertising his $5 testimonial video service, in which customers can send a 30 second script to be read in front of their choice of seven different background images (shown below, left). In September, United Kingdom-based Fiverr[2] user Gordon Hurd created a page for another $5 testimonial service (shown below, right).

l will give you a genuine Videdo Testimonial for $5 ORDER NOW ($5) CREATED 10 MONTHS AGO, IN VIDEO & ANIMATION/TESTIMONIALS & REVIEWS BY ACTORS 100% by 123 POSITIVE RATING VOTES ORDERS AVG. RESPONSE TIME: 11 HRS. By activerog JOINED ABOUT 3 YEARSAGO Whether it's a Video Testimonial, Commercial, Voice Overs or Product Reviewyou've gotin mind, my gigs comewith a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you're not 2 LEVEL 100% OVERALL RATING away by my services, you owe me nothing. But don'ttake myword for it, just read the many reviews of my gigs. I will do a testimonial video at my desk with monitor for $5 ORDER NOw ($5) CREATED 5 MONTHS AGO, IN VIDEO & ANIMATION /TESTIMONIALS & REVIEWS BY ACTORS nyP㎞ ﹀SAVE 99% by 501 POSITIVE RATING VOTES 480 Quality AVERAGE 色40 ORDERS IN QUEUE AVG. RESPONSE TIME: 1 HRS By greatgigsguy3 FROM: UNITED KINGDOM JOINED OVER 1 Y l am a multi-talented person with loads to share. Fiverr provides me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences, while benefitingfrom the knowledge and experiences of others. I enjoy renderingservice with courtesy, honesty and integrity.I am grateful whenever this is reciprocated. IN. LEVEL fiverr 99% OVERALL RATING 00:05 ← PLEASE NOTE!!

On December 10th, 2013, YouTuber Ryan Pollard uploaded a testimonial by Stockburger pronouncing the anime Kill la Kill the "cartoon of the year" (shown below). In the first two months, the video received over 68,000 views and 110 comments.


On December 17th, 2013, YouTuber Burotaku uploaded a testimonial video by Hurd in which he calls himself Tyrone and expresses his appreciation for "lolicon" (shown below, left). After the video was shared on 4chan, users began referring to Hurd with the nickname "Tyrone." On December 25th, YouTuber SporeDotCam YTPs uploaded a YouTube poop edit of one of Stockburger's testimonials (shown below, right).

On January 29th, 2014, the otaku news blog Japanator[3] published an article about the 4chan testimonial videos, which included interviews with both Stockburger and Hurd who revealed they were aware of their presence on 4chan and YouTube. The same day, the author submitted the article to the /r/anime[4] subreddit, where it gathered more than 100 up votes and 10 comments in the following month. On February 11th, a page for Rog and Tyrone was created on the Internet culture wiki site Encyclopedia Dramatica.[5]

On February 13th 2014, original YouTuber, Ryan Pollard, uploaded a final video to his Rog and Tyrone series as both a send-off, and a parody of the final scene of Neon Genesis Evangelion with an additional reference to Cowboy Bebop (shown below).

Tyrone's Suspense

greatgigsguy3 r FROM: UNITED KINGDOM CONTACT I am a multi-talented person with loads to share. Fiverr provides me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences, while benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of others. I enjoy rendering service with courtesy honesty and integrity. I am grateful whenever this is reciprocated Speaks: English, French greatgigsguy3's Gigs No gigs found

In some dates between February and March 2014, Tyrone suspended his account due to over requests[6]. Therefore he started a new channel on youtube to respond other orders.[7]

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