PenorCut's Fiverr Videos

PenorCut's Fiverr Videos

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PenorCut's Fiverr Videos refer to a series of video recordings produced by Fiverr users who were commissioned by YouTuber PenorCut to read various internet meme references, similar to the Rog and Tyrone testimonials. The account gained much notoriety online after videos of young Indian children reading phrases like "OP is a faggot" and "Hitler did nothing wrong" off a chalkboard were uploaded in mid 2015, which eventually led to YouTube's removal of the account.


On May 14th, 2015, YouTuber Penorcut uploaded a video created by Fiverr user Quazihaque,[4] in which a group of children read the phrase "OP is a faggot." The same day, PenorCut posted the video in a thread on the BodyBuilding Forums.[2] On May 15th, the video reached the front page of /r/videos,[10] gathering upwards of 7,600 votes (77% upvoted) and 1,500 comments prior to being archived. Within two months, the video received more than 1.1 million views. While the original upload has since been removed, it has been mirrored by several other channels.


On June 3rd, PenorCut uploaded another video in which the children repeat the phrase "I'm not gay, but $20 is $20," which was subsequently posted to the BodyBuilding Forums[6] the same day. In the coming months, PenorCut uploaded many additional videos by Quazihaque and Latika426[5] in which children read various internet meme phrases, including "ayy LMAO", "anime was a mistake", "jet fuel can't melt steel beams", "Hitler did nothing wrong" and "420 blaze it". Additionally, PenorCut uploaded clips by Fiverr user Inkame,[15] who read similar messages while wearing an indigenous costume. While the original uploads have been deleted, YouTuber tom nuke reuploaded compilations of the recordings (shown below).

Account Removal

On June 10th, Redditor i4ndr3w submitted one of PenorCut's videos to the /r/videos[14] subreddit, where some expressed that they found the content exploitative. The following day, BuzzFeed published an article about the online reaction to PenorCut's videos. On July 14th, the news site India Times[9] published an article about the YouTube channel. On November 13th, NY Mag[16] published an article about PenorCut's channel. That month, a petition was created on[13] calling for YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to take down the Penorcut YouTube channel. Within several weeks, the petition gained over 50,000 signatures. Later that month, YouTube announced they had removed the channel for violating their "community guidelines."[12]

Copycat Videos

On January 13th, 2016, the R Fit YouTube channel uploaded a video in which children read the phrase "Fittit mods don't lift" off a chalkboard, mocking the workout routines of /r/fit subreddit moderators (shown below).

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…just that..? Showing and reading dank memes to indian kids..? Without even any significant context..? I see no real, worrysome damage on that. Worst case scenario, a waste of time for those kids, and kids always waste their time, anyway. They probably do not understand more than half of those.

What a lame reason to remove a YouTube channel, yet nuts like Keemstar and Onision are promoted by the platform. YouTube staff needs to get their shit together and stop thinking with their wallets for once.


Way to go first world, so starving to be social justice heroes you've robbed these children of one of the few occupations they can hold that does not involve dangerous machinery, drugs, or sex. Who's exploiting who here?


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