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Voiceoverpete's Testimonial Videos is a video spokesperson best known for creating satirical YouTube videos explaining how a fictional character "needs your help" while requesting the viewer's credit card information. The actor, VoiceoverPete, is a video spokesperson who sells his services on the online marketplace fiverr, similar to that of Big Man Tyrone. The most popular of these videos, entitled Attention Fortnite Gamers: John Wick Needs Your Help served as the template for future videos.


In June of 2014, Fiverr [1] user voiceoverpete created a page advertising his video services, in which customers can pay him to read scripts aloud for usage in advertising and voiceovers, as well as create green screen videos for usage.


On September 6th, 2018, YouTuber dr!p posted a since-deleted video by Instagram user @weezil.mp4. The post features an unknown actor stating that the Fortnite character John Wick needs help to escape Tilted Towers, and for the watcher to provide their credit card information to help him with the process. The post received more than 38,000 views in less than two months.


On September 11th, 2018, Redditor yungiguana posted a video of Voiceoverpete with similar content to the precursor to /r/FortniteBR, where it gained over 3,300 likes (shown below).[2] That day, YouTuber Material Design Within the first month, the video received more than 1 million views.

Attention FortNite Gamers: John Wick needs your help! from r/FortNiteBR

The video grew more popular after being included in a Pyrocynical video about Fortnite scams that gained over 1.08 million views (shown below).

The day Material Design posted the video, Redditor yungiguana posted it to /r/FortniteBR, where it gained over 3,300 likes.[2] The video grew more popular after being included in a Pyrocynical video about Fortnite scams that gained over 1.08 million views (shown below).

After the success of that video, Voiceoverpete's services were used in similar videos for different subcultures. On October 14th, 2018, psych0tv posted a version in which Pete asks for help for Heavy from Team Fortress 2, gaining over 231,000 views (shown below, left). On October 18th, FilthyRamenKing posted a version using Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, gaining over 41,000 views (shown below, right).

Fiverr Account Termination

On November 5th, 2018, voiceoverpete’s fiverr account was abruptly banned from the platform. The cause of account termination was due to the credit card scam videos, while being in an ironic nature, were against the company’s TOS. Shortly after, Pete uploaded a video to his youtube channel, further explaining the situation and his future plans. (shown below)

The same day, "Grandayy": tweeted that Voiceoverpepe was banned from the platform, calling for viewers to help him get reinstated along with the hashtag #JusticeForVoiceoverPete (shown below). Within four hours, the tweet gained over 13,000 likes and 3,200 retweets.

A post about the banning was sent to /r/PewdiepieSubmissions[3] with the #JusticeForVoiceoverpepe hashtag. Meanwhile, several posts about his suspension were submitted to the /r/VoiceOverPete[4] subreddit.

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"MYAAH Man" Skely Savage
"MYAAH Man" Skely Savage

ATTENTION – All Know Your Meme users.. Lord and Savior Don is currently battling the torrential tyrants of the 9Gag Army across the expansive interwebs.. And he needs your help!

To help him out, all Don needs is you to supply him physical support.. Your credit card number, three digits on the back and the expiration date, month and year.. But, you gotta' be quick, or 9Gag will Dox the websites coding to r/hacking and then all hell could break loose!


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