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Joe Lampton / Vlad Obu / MrLottaHoes

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Joe Lampton is the alias of Vlad Obu (Vlad Cristian Obuzic), aka MrLottaHoes on Twitter, a Romanian martial artist, video chat studio owner and influencer with close ties to Andrew and Tristan Tate. Throughout the 2020s, Obu (who was one of the "professors" in Tate's Hustlers University program, also offering his own self-help programs on dating and making money) became increasingly prominent online in manosphere circles. His tweets about hooking up with women began to go viral online during the same span of time, often as the subject of mockery. In June 2023, Obu was reportedly arrested for allegedly forcing women to make adult content.

Online History

The earliest available post by Vlad Obu was posted to his Instagram[1][2] page vladobuu on July 22nd, 2021, and shows Obu at a strip club with Andrew and Tristan Tate (shown below).


In January 2022 he started the @MrLottaHoes Twitter[3] account, where he goes by the alias "Joe Lampton." Many of his tweets offer advice to young men on dating and making money (examples shown below). Similarly to this, Lampton offers several products and programs online that teach people how to make money online, dating advice and how to get the "lifestyle and mentality of a G," including the "Rich Gang" program and the "Playboy PIMP’s Top 5 Dating Secrets & How I Go From Instagram To Fucking A Woman."[4][5][6]

JOE LAMPTON @MrLottaHoes Follow these 7 rules in order to win in life: 1. No drugs 2. No p--- 3. If you party today then you must train twice tomorrow 4. Make way more than you spend and you'll save money by default 5. Never outshine the master 6. Reward loyalty 7. Always chase new p---- 6:23 AM - Feb 23, 2022 ... JOE LAMPTON @MrLottaHoes Women say they want peace and happiness *** They actually want drama, uncertainty, stress, to be forced to stalk other females you f---, tears when you're ignoring them, arguments about your "immature" behavior, to be offended by your misogynistic beliefs, to hate your crew. 10:03 AM - Feb 5, 2022

On October 25th, 2022, Lampton started a Romanian-language podcast on the Vlad Obu YouTube[7] channel, the first episode garnering over 127,000 views in eight months, producing eight more episodes between then and May 2023. Lampton later started an English-language podcast on the "Joe Lampton" YouTube[12] page in May 2023 (shown below).

January 2023 Allegations

On January 18th, 2023, Gandul[8] reported that Obu, in relation to the arrest of Andrew Tate, was arrested as a witness to Tate's alleged crimes involving trafficking. In his statement, Obu denied having business relations with the brothers and denied sharing their beliefs. Later that day, the Daily Star[9] reported on claims that Obu allegedly forced women to get his name tattooed on them and "boasted about his girlfriend's bruises online" in a video. On January 23rd, Spy News[10] reported on this, claiming that an ex-girlfriend of Obu's confirmed the allegations.

June 2023 Arrest

On June 13th, 2023, The Sun[11] reported that Obu was arrested in relation to the allegations of forcing women to get tattoos of his name and forcing women to make adult content. An image of Obu being arrested was included in the report (shown below).

B.S.I.J. B.S.I.J.

Online Presence

On February 3rd, 2022, a Redditor made a post to /r/gammasecretkings,[13] a subreddit "focusing on public-figure Political Grifters and their paypigs/sycophants," exposing various aspects of Obu's content as being a copycat Andrew Tate.

Viral Tweets / Content

Throughout 2023, several tweets and pieces of content posted by Lampton gained viral spread, often as the subject of mockery. For example, on April 29th, 2023, Instagram[14] user lilcasper.v2 posted a response to one of his tweets that gained over 4,700 likes in two months (shown below, left). On May 18th, Instagram[15] user owntheassmaskv2_ posted a response that gained over 4,600 likes in a month (shown below, right).

lilcasper.v2 on IG @lilcasper v2.24s... Ask Sneako's girlfriend to join us JOE LAMPTON @MrLottaHoes. 1d You're with your girlfriend and you see these 8 ALPHA MALES What the f--- can you do? @sneako @MrOverpaid @yourealazyfvck @Mr_HadiH @hoesandcash @kingvakalis Show this thread Devildog Dave @SaynotoFOD. 17h This guy would end you with a 3x5 paper card. C JOE LAMPTON Men that wear glasses are dorks @MrLottaHo.... 1d I'd rather not see than wear them

On May 31st, Lampton tweeted[16] an image of a woman, writing, "I have just finished SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with this young lady (Ejaculated inside WARM PUSSY)" garnering around 350 likes and 200,000 views in two weeks (shown below, left). On June 7th he quote retweeted[17] the post with a new photo of himself holding the woman, writing, "I just reached 28.000 followers on Twitter and as a reward I ejaculated AGAIN in this young lady’s WARM PUSSY," garnering around 190 likes in a week.

On June 8th, Twitter[18] user @shoe0nhead posted both images, writing, "HELLO FELLOW HUMANS I HAVE JUST FINISHED INTERCOURSE WITH A WARM HUMAN OF THE OPPOSITE SEX," mocking Lampton, garnering over 13,000 likes in a week (shown below).

shoe @shoeonhead HELLO FELLOW HUMANS I HAVE JUST FINISHED INTERCOURSE WITH A WARM HUMAN OF THE OPPOSITE SEX I just reached 28.000 followers on Twitter and as a reward I e--------- AGAIN in this young lady's WARM P----. 2:18 PM Jun 8, 2023 443.6K Views . JOE LAMPTON @MrLottaHoes *** I have just finished SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with this young lady (E--------- inside WARM P----) 10:18 AM 5/31/23 from Earth 69.1K Views

On June 10th, Lampton tweeted[19] another image of himself with a woman, writing, "I just ejaculated inside this young lady in the bathroom of this restaurant," garnering over 4,500 likes in five days (shown below). Lampton was arrested three days later.

JOE LAMPTON @MrLottaHoes I just e--------- inside this young lady in the bathroom of this restaurant. 1:06 PM - Jun 10, 2023 - 28.9M Views

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His tweets read like satire. I genuinely thought he wasn't for real. Saying things like you "EJACULATED inside WARM PUSSY" reads like you're either making fun of "alpha males", or you're the most deeply closeted homosexual on the planet because ordinary straight guys don't talk like that.

Nox Lucis
Nox Lucis

>pay for sex
>beg for validation
>throw tantrums
>beat women
>people will still look up to you as an example of manliness

It's been said before that our society is experiencing a crisis of lost masculinity. If this what passes for masculinity these days, then there may be truth to that concern.


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