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Jreg is the YouTube handle of Greg Guevara, a Canadian YouTuber known for his comedic videos portraying himself as exaggerated parodies of political thought, including caricatures of quadrants on the Political Compass, as well as specific ideologies that often support his fictional ideology of "anti-centrism" that focuses on eliminating all centrists and political moderates.


Jreg created his channel on April 14th, 2009, under the original name "flavacrava." His earliest video on the channel was posted shortly afterward titled, "Flava Crava," which was a parody commercial for a fictional food product (shown below).

Online History

His earliest video with over 100,000 views was published on January 6th, 2019, titled, "Why You Should Go Fuck Yourself" (seen below). To date, it has over 111,000 views.

On February 27th, 2019, Jreg uploaded his first political-compass-related video "Anti-Centrism: Where I Stand Politically" (shown below), which introduced his anti-centrist stance. The video now has over 230,000 views.

Two months later on April 8th, 2019, Jreg uploaded "Political Compass Rap," which introduced his recurring characters depicting the four quadrants in the political compass. This video would go on to become his most popular with crossing 1,000,000 views as of April 2020.


Centricide is a political satire series inspired by the political compass. The series follows personifications of extreme political ideologies, such as fascism and anarcho-communism, teaming up against personifications of different kinds of centrists, such as horseshoe centrism and anti-radicalism -- all of which Jreg portrays.


Currently, Jreg has been making politically themed videos for a year. In the span of that time, his videos have managed to spawn a subreddit with over 20,000 members,[3] and a TVTropes page.[2] Jreg has a Patreon with 457 members, a SocialBlade score of B, and over 180,000 subscribers on YouTube with an accumulative channel view count of over 18 million.[1] Jreg most notably has an active fanart community (examples shown below), which actively draws and ships his characters.[7][8]

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I Am A ______ Series

On March 30th, 2020, Jreg released a series of satirical videos on his YouTube[9] channel where he takes on the personas of various followers from a range of political ideologies, with titles like, "I Am A Centrist" or "I Am A Libertarian," etc. In each of these, he speaks as if he was a genuine believer of these political movements, arguing their viewpoints and defending their stances on a range of topics. There are six videos total, portraying Centrists, Libertarians, Anti-Centrists, Marxists/Leninists, Identitarians and Progressives. As of April 6th, 2020, these videos each have roughly 100,000 views. Jreg's "I am unironically an anti-centrist" bit has 161,321 views, 11,000 likes and 2,500 comments (seen below).

Interview with Know Your Meme

On May 14th, 2020, KYM interviewed Jreg where he discussed his background and the origins of his YouTube channel, as well as the scope of his work and ideologies. Jreg then uploaded a video breaking down the interview to his YouTube[10] on June 10th, 2020, under the title, "I Did An Interview With The Centrists At Know Your Meme." The video (shown below) received over 25,000 views, 3,300 likes and 400 comments.

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